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Screenplayed and directed by British Paul WS Anderson (Director such as Resident Evil: Final Chapter – 35% from 2017; Pompeii – 27% from 2014; And Alien vs. Predator – 21%, 2004) Monster Hunter: start hunting – 50% is a feature film based on the Capcom video game of the same name. Duration of 1 hour and 43 minutes Monster Hunter: The hunt begins It is an action-adventure film, as its title proclaims, entirely set in a science fiction context. Joint production Germany, the United States, Japan and China, Monster Hunter: The hunt begins It features shows by Milla Jovovich, Tony Ja, Ron Perlman, Megan Judd, Josh Hillman, T.I. and Diego Bonita, among others.

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Moved to a new world, Lieutenant Artemis (Jovovich MileAnd his loyal soldiers will face a constant battle for their survival. Their opponents: huge, powerful and destructive monsters with which they will fight fierce battles. There Lieutenant Artemis will meet a hunter (played Tony JaWhich will teach you how to maintain your life in this unknown and threatening environment.

With split comments, most preferred about it Monster Hunter: The hunt begins They refer almost exclusively to his visual section, to his ineffective or always persistent comedic tone and to his ongoing work. However, this almost total focus on movement is also responsible for accentuating its biggest narrative flaws: a complete lack of depth in the characters and a story uninterested in great monster movies, destruction and constant disbelief. .

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Below is a brief compilation of the reviews, comments, and ratings Monster Hunter: The hunt begins:

Megan Navarro Opinion for disgusting:

Glen Macpherson’s visual effects, creature designs, and cinematography are impressive, making her the most impressive and refined effort ever. Anderson.

For the gate comicbook.comAnd the Rollin Bishop Comments:

It won’t change hearts and minds, but watching a military convoy attempt to fight demons is just as exciting as it sounds.

Trina Boyce For review Film review mom What or what:

The plot is pretty straightforward so if you just want to watch an action movie with loads of monsters and screams, this is for you.

Mike McGranagan, D. Aisle seat, Describe:

… full of wild wall-to-wall traffic. If that’s your thing, and it’s definitely my favorite, then the movie makes a really good time.

In the same sense as the previous one, from Battle royale cheese It is noted that:

Good Monster hunter Is that it moves at a fast pace that does not leave you much room to breathe but rather makes you aware of its pitfalls.

From another perspective, In a review Consider this:

In many ways, Monster hunter It is a missed opportunity. With an entire world to explore, there was an opportunity to dive deeper and create something viewers stuck with, but this movie clearly doesn’t care about any of that.

Pat Brown, Stands out in the same sense as L. Slant Magazine:

Monster hunter It proves its inability to maintain fun, originality, character development and credibility.

about GemspotAnd the Eric Fredricksen Writing:

The film begins with one of its most impressive visual sequences, although it makes a promise that the rest of the film cannot fulfill.

For his part Gabriel Siegler Aiming for Bad Feeling Magazine:

… a very silly (but somewhat funny) video game adaptation.

While David Ehrlich IndyWire, Stands out categorically:

… a video game movie that’s virtually impossible to watch. One of the worst movies of 2020.

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