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Written by Fernando Ribeiro Cham

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I was just writing this column, when Professor Juan de Dios Delgado’s statements about the LIMAE image were published in the billboards where the image of Laura Marmolejo is being promoted. Attempting to explain the head of linked athletics becomes more confused, as he does not represent it “A group of track users”Same thing he prefers “Skip”. You do not represent anyone who walks and walks. You represent only the athletes duly affiliated with the Civil Federation. The use of Al Douri’s photo requires the approval of its general assembly of partners, otherwise the president has made a legal mistake by permitting the use of the image outside of the league’s and affiliates ’correspondence.

By “deleting” the names of those who he says are those who have paid the billboards, the President is approaching an application before the INAI and ITAIP BC, because for the High Court of Justice, “Civilian sports federations are equal individuals with authority … when they are asked to neglect to respond to a request in the context of exercising the right to information.”

The image of the current General Manager of INMUDERE appears on many billboards, not only in the urban area of ​​Ensenada, but also in the neighboring borders of other municipalities. Well, the civic association promoting athletics in the municipality appreciates everything the institute director has achieved, but does so in delineating territorial boundaries that has nothing to do with LIMAE.

Amazing AAA triples, like those on Boulevard Costero and Calle Diamante, rent about 15,000 pesos a month, plus print and place the canvas, and the amount to get on board this site’s boat should the strategy be via support from individuals whose names are unknown About 22,000 pesos, which is added at least with the other amazing mode, expenses can be as high as 40,000 pesos. Well what a grateful people to track users.

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I do not know what Juan de Dios Delgado’s intentions were to please this act, but his statements insulted anyone’s intelligence with the slightest degree of rationality. Decency should oblige to amend the law, to demand immediately the removal of the increasingly dilapidated and pessimistic league, because if he violates the powers of the authority he possesses, he has allowed the image to appear in the Lunita, the truth is that those who “Shamak”, have exploited his good will to do their various amazing kinds.

After consulting the governmental association headed by Gerardo Medina, “The association was not aware of these actions. We have never participated in political matters and we are limited to our region, the technology. “

Another reason for the groups that for years have demanded a renewal on the board of directors of the local IAAF in Ensenada is to raise their voices again.

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