MinCultura and Fulbright Open Call for Master’s Degree Scholarships in the US: How to Apply

reference image. Recipients of the call for a MinCultura-Fulbright scholarship will receive up to 10,560,200 Colombian pesos to cover their monthly expenses. Photo: Pixabay

In alliance with the Fulbright Commission, the Ministry of Culture launched a file Fulbright Scholarship – Department of Culture for Cultural Directors and Artistswhich artists and cultural managers can take in MA in the United States.

Scholarships will be awarded for a period of two years. Altogether, more than 2,000 million pesos will be allocated resources to finance the training of the beneficiaries, who, after being selected, They will start their career after graduation from August 2023.

“This is an opportunity for all population groups in the country, and it is an invitation in which we seek to seek diverse candidates, from all regions of Colombia, and those professionals who are distinguished by their social and higher educational commitment. Those selected will be able to enrich their knowledge and return to our country to contribute to their growth and learning.” The Minister of Culture, Angelica Maiolo, said,

Colombians who apply for the call will be selected through the “Academic and Professional Merit Scheme”, for which They will have to adopt an outstanding professional path.

Those who benefit They will be able to pursue a master’s degree at universities or specialized institutes in the United States In addition, they will receive Monthly support of a maximum of 10,560,200 Colombian pesos to cover their living expenses.

Similarly, the selected candidate will also receive up to 7,940,000 Colombian Pesoswhich will be delivered in a single draft, To cover the cost of airfare to and from the United States.

The Ministry of Culture has also specified that “selected candidates must return to Colombia at the end of their study program and remain in the country for a minimum of two (2) years to carry out activities derived from their learning in institutions or organizations with a focus on the cultural sector.”

The entity also indicated that for this invitation, One of the scholarships will be awarded to a professional who belongs to the indigenous communitywhile another share will be allocated to A Colombian professional who belongs to the black, Afro-Colombian, Rizal or Palenquera community.

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1. Be a Colombian citizen.

2. A minimum GPA of 3.8 out of 5.0 in previously completed Bachelor’s or Master’s studies.

3. Obtain a certificate proving your English language proficiency.

4. Submit two academic or professional letters of recommendation.

5. If you belong to an ethnic group, you must have a certificate of self-recognition or belonging to an ethnic group.

1. Read the terms of reference for the scholarship you will be applying for: Competencies.

2. Fill out the Google registration form through the following link: https://fulbright.edu.co/beca-fulbright-mincultura-para-gestores-culturales-y-artistas/.

3. Get all the documents and information required in the Required Requirements in the Terms of Reference for the scholarship you wish to apply for.

4. Apply through the SLATE platform.

Remember that You will have until May 2 to apply for the program. If you need more information about the scholarship and the call, you can enter the link: https://fulbright.edu.co/beca-fulbright-mincultura-para-gestores-culturales-y-artistas/.

On February 22, the national government announced the launch of Training School for Social ManagementThrough it Managers and social managers in the state will be able to acquire tools and skills at the political and social level, among others, free of charge.

The project, led by the First Lady, Maria Juliana Ruiz, the Presidential Council for Children and Adolescents, the Higher School of Public Administration (ESAP) and the Administrative Administration of the Civil Service, also aims to strengthen the role of these managers so that “Keep contributing to changing your territories.”

“The Training School for Social Management is an opportunity for all of us who have a career of service to know how to benefit from it, each of us knows what support means, we give a helping hand to those who need it and put face and arms to the needs of our lands,” said the first lady.

According to Ruiz, with the program, Social managers will be able to take free courses and diplomas in the following areas: Training on sustainable development goals, state structure, project formulation, public policies, human rights and peace, conflict resolution and citizen participation.

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Those interested can view the available courses and how to register through the page: https://www.esap.edu.co/portal/index.php/escuela-de-formacion-para-la-gestion-social-lunna/#2023.

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