The Maya train will connect the United States and Canada

company Pacific Canadian Kansas City de México (CPKC) announced it will seek to partner with Trans-Isthmic Corridor and Mayan Train To provide connections to North America.

As stated by its president in Mexico, Oscar del Cueto, the recent integration between Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern will allow the company to Making “seamless” connections between the ports of Mexico, the ports of the eastern United States, and all of Canada.

“We wouldn’t have to exchange cars when someone, a Mexican export, and we could take that car to the final destination, which is Kansas City, and there we’d exchange it with another rail service provider. Today, being a CPKC company, we can make movement without exchanges and without delay.

During an interview with “En los Tiempos de la Radio” the executive branch gave an example This is similar to direct air routes and stops, Because in the second case, it represents a longer time in the exchange of goods between wagons, which delays shipments.

With this new integration, It will be as if it is a direct flight, as the shipment will reach on the same flight to its final destination, Which can be any of the destination points in Canada and the eastern United States.

“Today there will be ‘direct flights’ with the same railway from the point of origin, it could be to the eastern United States or all of Canada. Today there will be no connection, today we will be able to reduce transit times,” he said.

connection with southeastern Mexico

Two of the major projects of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mayan Train and a passage across the isthmus, will represent Great opportunity to create strategic associations to network with freight trains nationwide.

“Let us also remember that the part of the project that they have done with the Mayan train is to connect to the Tabasco region, to reach Veracruz, to the Coatzacoalcos part, to have a complete railway network connected to our country. That is, to connect the north, north-east and east of our country, the center and the south-eastern part not only Through the Interoceanic, but also through the Mayan train, said the CPKC president.

He stated that thanks to the Transisthmic Corridor they will attract More ships to the southeast, and new industrial parks will be attractive for new investment of the industrialists.

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This corridor already exists and today these improvements are being made: 2 multimedia terminals, 10 industrial parks are planned on the corridor. We have the opportunity, through the right way, to connect the Mexican railway network that already exists today through the port of Veracruz and Take all goods that are produced in the north of the country, the United States or Canada and vice versa.

President AMLO confirmed last March that the corridor between the two oceans would connect to the Maya Train, to Expansion of the railway network in the south and southeast of the country.

For his part, the Minister of National Defense (Sedna) confirmed that from Palenque, Chiapas, an interchange station between the two trains is being developed.

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