Miley presents to entrepreneurs at the Latin American Economic Forum

After a tour United Statehe President of the nation, Javier Mileyand the Minister of Economy, Louis CaputoIt will be presented to businessmen this Wednesday, the tenth of this month LATAM Economic Foruma solidarity event usually attended by economists, political analysts and public officials to address current problems.

In this sense, the traditional meeting organized by the consulting company Search for traderswith Cetus FinancialThis year's slogan will be “Where are we, where are we going?“And he will bring it the following And Kabutoas well as the former president of Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires, Gustavo Marangoni.

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In this context, it is expected that Chief of state The head of the Treasury Palace announces the next steps of the economic plan and the national government’s program amidst addressing the crisis The Basic Law in it Senate National.

Likewise, they will attend this Wednesday LATAM Economic Forum Economic Ricardo ArriazoEconomic analyst Damien de BesseCEO of Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA), Claudio ZuchoviciCapital Markets Specialist and Trader Research Director, Dario Epstein.

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As the organization indicated LATAM Economic Forum Striving to build space Analysis of current economic and political issues. Likewise, its main goal is to achieve social impact through the proceeds raised in each edition, for which the speakers will be honored.

Specifically, the event is a benefit and tickets, which serve as a collaboration reward, can be purchased online at a cost of $75,000. institution Chabad Social Work It participates in organizing this event and allocates the proceeds to finance part of its projects, which aim to provide social assistance to the most vulnerable populations in the Jewish community in Argentina.

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And detail the agenda of the forum they will attend the following And Kabuto It begins with accreditation and breakfast at 8:30 am, followed by the “institutional opening” at 9:00 am, and a speech by the Minister of National Economy at 9:15 am.

Meanwhile, at 9:30 a panel discussion will begin in which economists will participate. Ricardo Arriazo, Damien de Besse And Claudio Zuchovici, until the 11 a.m. interval. Then, starting at 11:15 am, the Catalan journalist will present Pilar Rahula And Gustavo Marangoni. The day will conclude with the President's speech the followingscheduled for 12:15 p.m.

It should be noted that the head of state's agenda will continue on Thursday, when the following Move to Santa Fe ArmstrongWhich will host the traditional exhibition between June 5 and 8 AgroactiveMore than 130 Santa Fe companies will be displaying their products such as hydraulic oil pumps, corn headers, harvesters, sprayers, blades, grain elevators and more.

In detail, it will be the first visit to the following To a governorate Santa Fe Since he became president, he will do so accompanied by his deputy Jose Luis Espertjust as they did in Expo Agro to Saint Nicholas. In this context, the President is expected to hold a meeting with agricultural authorities.

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