A cyclist was hit in the head by a train when she tried to take a selfie

A cyclist was hit by a train while trying to take a selfie. (Photo: Courtesy of CNN Brazil)

He was a cyclist Hit in the head by a train When he tried to take a selfie as the locomotive approached, in the municipality of Uberaba, Triangulo Mineiro, Brazil.

As shown in the photos, a group of friends were trying to take a picture with the formation, despite the driver Honk the horn several times To warn them of the danger, he immediately attacked one of them, and then ended up beating another woman.

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The woman was transported to an area hospital by firefighters. (Photo: Courtesy of CNN Brazil)

Shortly after the collision, a woman can be heard screaming: “Lie down, lie down.” . One of her colleagues asks her: “What happened” She replied: “He hit me.” Another cyclist tried to calm her down: “Calm down, it's okay, breathe, breathe.”

Firefighters who assisted the cyclist took her to an area hospital, where they confirmed her arrival Conscious. Additionally, they reported that while they were treating the victim, she said so He didn't think it was too close to the train. According to what they said, he only suffered a fracture in one rib, while a friend sustained an injury to her thigh as a result of the impact.

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For its part, the train company, through a statement, alerted citizens to the need to be careful. “The company recommends that people be careful when it comes to railways. Always maintain a safe distance from the right of way, as the train not only occupies the space designated for the railway track, in addition to avoiding taking videos and photographs near the train track, these are safety tips to avoid… Accidents He explained that the distraction of cell phone applications is not worth the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

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