Microsoft is promoting a pirated ROM that can be played from Edge

This phrase from Homer Simpson now comes to mind as he says:It’s my first day …The community manager for a Microsoft Edge Dev account in his Canary version should say something like this. The Microsoft Browser is Not only compatible with Google Chrome extensionsIf not also with Microsoft stores.

You know well, simulation It is prohibited, but for any reason it is permitted to encapsulate the ROM of the game and run it as an application to run it from the browser. Microsoft things I think. And that’s what got the Redmond people in little trouble.

Illegal ROM in Microsoft Edge

Turns out, some add-ons have appeared in Microsoft Edge that allow you to play games like Mario Kart 64 or Super Mario Bros. Or Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Pac-Man, Tetris, or Cut The Rope among others. What these extensions do Download the emulator in the browser It allows you to play without much problem. But what Microsoft didn’t know was that these ROMS were put out there without the approval of SEGA or Nintendo among other publishers.

Good so far, it could pass through a security breach and much more. However, as I said, the browser’s official account resonated then The Verge has been published The story is about the origin of ROMS.

Capture a Tweet that has already been deleted.

Maybe the last straw is that even There is an Edge emulator that emulates Minecraft itself, A sign that we’re likely experiencing a security and protocol failure rather than something malicious. In fact, one of the emulators leaves this description:

Important: This emulator is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo. All graphics, games and other multimedia files are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors. This game is for all Mario fans!

Before closing the news, I remember paragraph 10.13.10 of the Microsoft Store itself, which reads:Products that simulate a game system are not allowed on any family of devicesWhile composing these lines, I can verify that some (but not all) of these extensions have been removed.

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