Mexican women’s team, willing to pay the FIFA penalty

Mexico women’s national team coach Monica Vergara said it was not yet clear whether the penalty imposed on the Moroccan Football Association for playing two matches behind closed doors for anti-gay yelling could be paid in her team’s official matches, but if so: “You have to respect it.” .

Ahead of their second friendly match against the United States, Vergara spoke of rumors that the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, led by Jon de Luisa, was looking for women to pay for those matches.

The only thing that is clear is that we have a penalty. As for the FIFA Make a statement about what the punishment looks like and who it affects, then we’ll know what’s next. Let’s hope to stop speculation and misunderstandingHe said at a press conference.

He eventually pointed out that all of this is part of the fight for gender equality: “Yes we struggle so that the female project is seen as a male project, we demand equality, and if there is a punishment, we have to respect it.”

He asked not to speculate on the matter: “Let’s not give too much space to baseless information. This is the administration where there is the greatest gender equality with Yun and Gerardo Torrado, there is no doubt about it.”

The important thing at the end of it all is to try to prevent the anti-gay demonstrations from repeating themselves: “There must be a call to the masses to stamp out the outcry, this is what our union does. If we demand equality and sanctions, we must respect them. We must start spreading awareness in society.” .

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And about the friendly against the United States, he said, “It’s part of the growth we have. I think we’re on the right track. The results haven’t accompanied us, but there are many things to analyze. Everyone’s support is felt. I know we all want to see results, and be done.” Overcoming forces, but it is a process. ”



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