Medicine: They took residency exams in different specialties

Unne Medical School progresses in evaluating its students to reach the residency stage in various specialties.

Invitations took place in the halls of the Graduate House, this time the applicants were devoted to nursing, medicine and biochemistry.

In this regard, the Secretary of Graduates, Dr. Raul Encina and the general coordinator of apartments d. And Andrea Cruz pointed out that the tests were taking place naturally and distributed according to race in the different halls.

They stressed that success is also related to the meticulous work done by the secretariat and coordination so that all professionals can access the exam without difficulties, and that everyone has the same potential to access this training system.

It should be noted that the competition takes place in two independent cases, on the one hand, the district examination already taken on July 12, and on the other hand, the individual national examination held on August 9, in the facilities of the faculty, with the authentication of documents previously submitted to the Secretariat of Studies Supreme.

The secretary clarified that “the health residency is a stage that begins with the end of the postgraduate certificate and consists of a specialization in a specific field under the residency formula. Of our faculty members we support these exercises, that is, the academic part and the practical part are carried out in public and private health centers in Corrientes and Chaco.

He also commented that another competition is being held in parallel through the college’s virtual campus platform, which includes other majors such as kinesiology, social work, psychology degree, veterinary medicine, nutrition degree, biology degree, obstetrics, dentistry, and core majors.

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