Medical appointments lost due to the pandemic in Europe: 68 million

Health systems are overburdened by the health crisis caused by Covid-19. He lost a lot of citizens medical help They have needed it since the beginning of the epidemic. It is estimated, according to data extracted from a document published on the Medrxiv platform, that since March 2020, 15.5 percent of citizens in Europe have been left without a medical appointment.

Surveying in 27 EU member states, excluding Ireland, as well as in Switzerland and Israel – which adds up to a total population of 458 million people – the study found that 68.5 million people were affected when they received assistance and Missed a medical appointment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The University of Munich is studying on Missed medical visits Since the start of the pandemic he also suggests that health systems should now focus on people who have missed those key appointments to limit the impact of the pandemic. indirect effects can cause COVID-19 Regarding mortality in the future.

Increases mortality from cardiovascular disease

The pandemic has put pressure on health systems around the world, causing serious disruptions to patient care. During the first wave of coronavirus in Europe, visits to primary care, hospital admissions and visits to emergency services fell dramatically even before every EU country mandated closures.

Hospitals recorded a significant decrease in total admissions for severe or severe illnesssuch as heart failure or Heart attack. Interruptions in patient care with their scheduled medical appointments and cancellations were presented with the arrival of Covid-19 as the main reason behind the increase in deaths from COVID-19 during the early stages of the pandemic. Cardiovascular disease.

There are fewer diagnoses of diabetes, dementia or depression

In the long term, canceling these medical appointments may have effects that persist beyond the pandemic we are currently immersed in. The study by the University of Munich indicates that in Germany, for example, . is diagnosed Diabetes, dementia and depression and stroke, suggesting that those people who need preventative care now need essential health appointments.

The worldwide presence of the virus and the characteristics of Covid-19 – long-lasting and multiple waves – define the current process of slow recovery in the interruption of medical visits, so there are many patients who can It ends up giving up basic or preventive care Refer your medical visits to key moments or vital moments, which can seriously increase your risk health complications.

Although it may contain statements, statements, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional with any health-related questions.

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