MasterChef Celebrity: Juliana leaves the competition

On Tuesday night, the celebrity contestants took on a new elimination challenge in the hottest kitchen in the world, MasterChef Celebrity.

Martha Isabel, Juan Pablo Barragán, Diego Sanz, Daniela and Juliana They had to create a free dish in 60 minutes that would upset the judges, and remember that the contestant who leaves the competition is the one who makes the fewest mistakes.

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Some celebrities have gone on to take on challenging dishes, like Martha Isabel who decided to make noodles from scratch, or Diego Sanz who made sushi, which was highly criticized for its chops and accompanying sauce.

Daniela served a delicious dish of meat and mushrooms, which was considered one of the best dishes in the competition. He got the “cachetico” that Jorge Rausch so longed for.

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Barragán introduced goulash, which was also criticized for its coating, but they highlighted its savory flavour.

The jury confirmed that there was a special error that made them decide, many details were missing in their pasta, so the famous actress Juliana left the competition. “Your plate reflects fatigue.”

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