Mass cancellation of Netflix and Disney+ subscribers

In the explosion of streaming platforms The entire field was undivided The cake still has no suitors. Now all viewers have at least 1.5 subscriptions to these services to enjoy their series and movies. But after the pandemic that linked us to television content, with the rise in prices and the inclusion of advertisements, Some services are starting to notice large numbers of subscribers escaping.

In a story prepared by the Wall Street Journal, they talk about cases of families who were forced to dispense with some of the services they previously enjoyed because life has become expensive, and with the rise in subscriptions, it has become even more expensive. According to the publication's data, customer “defect” with premium streaming services in the US rose to 6.3% in November, from 5.1% a year earlier. It also indicates that a quarter of Americans subscribe to services such as Apple TV+, Discovery+, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock, and Starzhas canceled at least three of them in the past two years according to November data from subscription analytics provider Antenna.

The platforms did not stand still Dozens of different methods have been invented for subscribers to work with different plans according to their capabilities, such as services with very cheap advertising or partnering with competitors to get bundled offers, giving discounts and even some free periods. It is also true that non-permanent systems with online activation and deactivation have been provided, allowing some users to opt out of the service to return over time. According to the antenna, “One in four people cancel their premium streaming service They typically re-subscribe to the service within four months, and one in three do so within seven months. Half do it within two years.”

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The situation is currently relatively stable, as Disney+ launched an ad-supported system that was accepted by 60% of those who joined in November, and Netflix also gained many subscribers with this type of plan, which last year convinced 11% and In November, their number was more than a third.

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