López Aliaga met the UK ambassador to Peru after meeting with an American diplomat.

Rafael Lopez Aliaga, The mayor of Lima, elected for the term 2023-2026, met Thursday with Gavin Cookthe UK’s ambassador to Peru, having done the same with a diplomat from United StateLisa Kenna.

Co-convener Cook on Twitter: “Lima has a lot of potential, and for that reason, it was a pleasure to speak with the newly elected Mayor about the possibilities of… Cooperation and initiatives for the benefit of the city and all the people of Lima ”.

The day before, the diplomatic headquarters in Washington stressed that he was coordinating with the leader of the ultra-conservative party popular renewal Joint work project “for the welfare and development” of the capital.

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“Very friendly and friendly meeting. I am sure that we will work together for the benefit of our fellow Peruvians who are currently suffering from poverty and abandonment. Projects to improve the quality of life of our residents were also discussed, ”the businessman answered.

Lopez Aliaga He has obtained the credentials presented by the Special Electoral Jury of Lima and will begin his duties on January 1.

“I will specifically dedicate myself to the many abandoned areas of Lima,” He then announced in a subsequent press conference, in which he emphasized that his campaign proposal to turn the Peruvian capital into a “world power is no joke”.

In this sense, he noted, it must begin “until hunger is eradicated and water reaches the people” in the Peruvian capital.

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Of the 39 elected councilors, 21 are from Renovación Popular, seven from Podemos Peru, five from Somos Peru, three from Front Esperanza, two from Alianza Parra el Progreso, and one from Together for Peru.

“I invite you to work together because Lima must change radically, Lima expects a lot from us,” he told the council members elected for the next four-year term.

After the accreditation ceremony held at the headquarters Lima Bar Association, Lopez spoke about his administration’s future priorities and emphasized that the water situation in the Peruvian capital is “genocide”, due to the number of people who do not have decent access to this resource.

“It is time for the business world, the trade union world, and the academic world to get into politics, to devote themselves to politics, because we leave politics to criminals, to people who use politics to live and cannot be allowed more,” he emphasized when he emphasized that fighting corruption would be one of the themes of his mandate.

He added that he was already working on new ordinances, which he hoped would be approved with all-seat support in early January, focused on fighting hunger, and that he was also “reconfiguring” Lima budget, so that 10% is allocated to combat this problem.

López, an avowed opponent of President Pedro Castillo’s government, noted that the current executive branch is “lazy and corrupt” and asked the governor to “resign” because, according to him, he is “doing too much.” harm to the poorest.”

With 100% of the records processed by the National Office for Electoral Operations (ONPE), the businessman received 1,402,627 valid votes, which is 26.3% of the total votes cast in the October 2 election, in which he defeated seven other candidates, Including a former minister and retired military Daniel Oreste.

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