Look up the word “TELESCOPE” in the alphabet soup – teach me about science

Adjust your chair well because it will soon start an expert level puzzle where thousands of users completely failed to find a solution to this problem. Although the instructions are simple, the challenge is not much because you have to pay attention from the first second, you don’t have to waste time and you have to stay away from distractions, as well as in a comfortable and luminous place.

Today’s challenge tests your skills in attention, reasoning and analysis. If you want to make use of your free time and enjoy in the best way, then this is the challenge you have been looking for. The next visual challenge created by the platform Gorgeous Guru It has become one of the trends of the most important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What is a visual puzzle?

The following image shows an intermediate level word search, where a word is hidden. You have to give your best because the competition is tight in this visual puzzle.

Find the word “TELESCOPE” in just 5 seconds

picture: Gorgeous Guru

If you’ve been a great observer, you’ve probably noticed that the word is written diagonally, and it’s well hidden, so it might have been hard for you to find it.

over here The word is there

picture: Gorgeous Guru

Interesting facts about telescopes

  • Galileo Galilei was the first person to use a telescope to observe the stars.
  • The James Webb Telescope took three decades to build and is worth about $10 billion.
  • The first telescopes were created from glass lenses.
  • The Hubble telescope takes 97 minutes to orbit the Earth.
  • The Hooker telescope confirmed the existence of other galaxies.
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