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We don’t stop at the RockFM 500 madness at one of the year’s events. We all very much enjoy your suggestions and comments… and many of you have asked the same question: “Which country has more songs inside the RockFM500?”. Let’s answer this question. quite well.

With all the songs we picked, you can go around the world 300 times, but we’ll chop first in the country with the most actors…. United State!! With a total of 233 songs, nearly a half marathon, it was placed No. 1. In second place, the British Isles played 185 times, very remarkably in second place.

Spain The third group featured 28 songs from about 15 bands, two of which were in the top 100. Then with 15 we find a double pull of Ireland s Australia With 15, then Canada with 9, Sweden with 4 and one Jamaica.

About RockFM500

Another year, the RockFM 500 arrived, The biggest event of the year, where you can vote for your favorite songs and they will be played, one by one, until you reach the number one spot. What nerves! This year, when we have finally returned to the long-awaited normalcy, our favorite music and radio marathon is ready to be enjoyed, and there will be another big surprise!

However, despite all the work our team does to make everything perfect, we’ll need someone else, you. Starting Monday you can start voting on your favorite topics! Remember that the 500 most votes will appear from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 September on our antenna in order of the list. That is, we will start with the number 500 and end with the number 1. What will it be? It is up to you to decide!

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We will love you everywhere, in our website, social networks and, of course, our radio! Time to celebrate our passion for rock, together for an extra year, on the best weekend of the entire season. Last year, AC/DC and “Highway to Hell” managed to take the crown, despite being the Queen’s favorite “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Who will win the award this year? Could it be the Rolling Stones? Maybe Metallica? Will the Queen return to the throne? Will there be surprises, or will the era of the most famous classics continue with an iron (or metal) fist?

Do you remember the first edition? This is already the tenth. It was March 2013. The month had just begun, and despite the harsh winter in Madrid, thousands of people came to the balcony of the Hard Rock Café this weekend to visit the campaign studio where the 500 best songs in rock history were played for 48 hours according to listeners RockFM. It was the first popular vote for a newborn radio and the response through our social networks was also overwhelming. And so it has gone on to appear in every release, becoming a popular topic on successive occasions.

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