Living in Canada Without Knowing English: How Do You Do It?

Canadian territory It is one of the preferred destinations for Colombian citizens who decide to immigrate to another country.; Well, in addition to having great places and landscapes to enjoy, it has good living conditions, employment and education opportunities for those who want to reside in that country. Some people think that knowing English is a prerequisite for staying in Canada and finding employment, but the truth is There are options People who want to earn in dollars, but don’t know the language And they want to settle down and start from scratch in their land.

Are you thinking of living with your family in Canada and don’t know English? Here we explain how you can migrate to this country to start your process and realize your dream:

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How do you live in Canada without knowing English?

The easiest option, in terms of immigration procedures, for people who do not speak the language is to come to this country to work; Good To practice some professions in Canada, knowledge of English is not required, as these are tasks of an operational type; But that, compared to the national currency, are better wages. It is estimated that the year 2023 will increase immigration to this country, and job offers are constantly being launched for Colombians who want to legally reside and work in Canadian territory.

To find job offers in Canada that fit the lifestyle you want, You can do this through the public employment agency SENA, where job offers with Canadian companies are posted Approved companies looking for Colombians for jobs such as welders, heavy equipment mechanics, industrial plant cleaners, construction assistants, among other vacancies available in different cities in Canada.

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What should you do to submit the application?

The first thing to do is Register your CV on the Public Agency PortalFind the offer that best fits your profile and technical knowledge and apply Start the selection process according to the given dates.

However, since about 71% of Colombians have a low level of English, Recommended before traveling to Canada Find out your level of English And start at Language learning In free applications and other tools that will allow you not only to communicate on a daily basis, but also to increase your chances of getting a better job and salary.

How to apply for permanent residence in Canada?

Once you’re working on Canadian soil, that is Requirements you must meet to apply for permanent residence:

  • depended on One year of continuous work experience in Canada and Full-time or equivalent in a part-time position within the past 10 years.
  • According to the Canadian government, Work experience must qualify under skill type 0 (for managerial occupations), skill level A (for professional occupations), or skill level B (for technical and skilled trades occupations) within the meaning of that country’s national occupational classification system.
  • get them maintenance resources.
  • show a Intermediate level in English.
  • Pass studies Safety history and medical examinations.

Ready to start your operation?

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