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That was just over 20 years ago, as a result of his participation in the competition riatan by Fernando Arau, that Liliana Arriaga gave life to her character shotsWhich earned him the affection of the audience. But today the actress is ready for the next challenge in her career, and she made her film debut in a different role, in tape Chilangolandia.

“It was very difficult to get out the shotsBecause everyone knows me like that. I rarely do things with Liliana, but it’s my first movie on the big screen, confidence Director (Carlos Santos), from my colleagues, my husband and the people who told me ‘if you could do it’, Arriaga shared with us Mexico sun.

the film Trace the tangles that erupt after political guards mistakenly hand a sack full of millions to a low-income couple, and they’ll move heaven, asphalt and earth to get it back. In another part of town, a taxi driver seeks to lower his nephew’s sugar, taking him for a test to join a soccer team.

Prior to this project, actress Spent a season alive United StateReturning to the country on a project celebrating the city, it allowed him to feel his roots and work with greater confidence.

“When you are abroad, you miss your country and your people a lot, who we are, so when they offered me the script, I admit I didn’t want to do it, I accept it, but I never thought it would be good. MovieAnd it confuses me so much that I’m done Do it with love and lovep,” says the actress.

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Carlos, who wrote the film in addition to directing, noted that he was satisfied with the result, as it complied with his premise that the comedy had a real background, and ensured that it managed to reflect issues that are not actually funny. .

She was also pleased to incorporate more than one genre into one film. “All of a sudden we realized there were action scenes, other scenes that are very dramatic, and it happened in an experimental way.”

cast It is made up of Silverio Palacios, Pierre Louis, Moisés Iván Mora and Effect Priscilla Arias fetishes, who also appeared for the first time in this project.

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Moreover blogger He identified that the situations depicted in the script are things that every CdMx person has been through, whether they live here or come to visit. For this reason, it is considered that the development of filming It was a very natural thing for the whole cast, since the elements were already there, and we just had to go back to the “chilangas” scenes they went through.

Waking up at nine in the morning to the sound of the old iron, elicits a beautiful smile, and says ‘How beautiful a Mexican. “Without a doubt, the main character is the city, we only reflect the funny situations we go through every day, so different and so varied, that one might well say, reality often goes beyond fiction,” continued Pierre-Louis. Chilangolandia Opens in theaters September 16th.

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