Lateral thinking: Start with this exercise

This technique we’re showing you is one developed by Edward de Bono, a writer and psychiatrist best known for working on the concept of lateral thinking. The idea is that by wearing each hat, you encourage your creativity and review your projects in a different way, and put yourself under different roles or perspectives.

There are six hats in different colors. Each represents a stance we must take and stand up for when we put it in our heads. The goal is to simplify thinking, get a more holistic and complete view of what you’re evaluating, and see which hat you feel most comfortable when evaluating a new challenge.

Your mind should behave like a robot, go to facts and figures, and strive to be neutral and objective, without interpretation or opinion. Express statements only without arguments, explanations or excuses. When wearing this hat, it is important to be clear whether the data was generated from what we believe, or if it is truly verified.

It represents the logical and decisive side. It seeks to point out errors objectively. It is important to highlight the risks and problems that may arise in the future.

It’s creative and lateral thinking – new ideas, concepts and ideas abound. The challenge: ignoring old ideas and creating new ones.

This is the most enthusiastic of all, the optimist. It is constructive thinking that always sees the benefits of something. Be optimistic, but present the arguments and explain the reasons. It is the opposite position of the black hat. Yellow is what breeds, it guarantees that things will happen. •

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Taking care of organizing ideas and giving the necessary instructions to think and control the rest of the colors. It highlights distance, calm and self-control. He will help you with the final summary after everything is done.

It is the opposite of white. Express the feelings, emotions, and irrationalities they generate in you. Express yourself freely without needing to justify anything. It doesn’t have to be logical or consistent.

Was there a hat closer to you? What is the most difficult role for you to play?


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