La Jornada- Negotiations with Canada continue with the arrest of General Leon Trawitz

Nearly two years after the federal government began combating fuel theft in Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) pipelines and discovering a network of officials who supported illegal fuel theft, federal authorities indicated that the FGR is continuing with the Canadian government’s actions to locate and arrest General Eduardo Leon Trawitz, former deputy director of the Parastatal Strategic Protection Department.

The former bodyguard of President Enrique Peña Nieto has been a fugitive from justice since May 14, 2019, when a probation judge at the Federal Center for Criminal Justice in Almoya de Juarez, Mexico state, ordered his arrest on charges of organized crime for the purpose of committing fuel offenses.

The military man was revealed in Canada, but his arrest for the purposes of extradition has not been completed, so the Mexican authorities continue negotiations through diplomatic mechanisms until the Canadian police approve the arrest and allow a military judge.

According to the information obtained, Seido keeps the investigation open to reveal whether there are others involved in the corruption network that allowed criminal groups to reuse secret sockets in Pemex tubes that were supposedly closed literally by individuals who worked in the Pemex Strategic Conservation Subdirectory.

There are currently six accused co-defendants in the Leon Trawitz case imprisoned at the Federal Center for Social Re-adaptation No. 1, Altiplano, in the municipality of Almoloia de Juarez, including Brigadier General Socrates Alfredo Herrera Biggeros, Colonel Emilio Cosjaya, Ozil Aldana Portugal, and Sergeant Ramón Marquez Leedsma, of the Department Physical Security in Cadiretta, and José Carlos Sanchez Echevarria, Former Coordinator of Sub-Department for Strategic Protection of Petroleos Mexicanos in Tampico, Tamaulipas.

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