La Canonja continues Science Week events

On Tuesday at 7 pm, in Castell de Masricart, Big Van Ciencia returns with new scientific monologues

La Canonga City Council continues with various events as the reason for Science Week. Exactly on Tuesday at seven in the afternoon, in Castell de Masricart, Big Van Ciencia returns, with new scientific monologues to discover what came before, the chicken or the egg, what is the science behind a good can of beer? thrown? Could life exist on other planets or just vile microbes? Beginning with a comedic introduction about scientists and geeks, a series of monologues about science are linked and end in an open-ended detour where audiences can express their doubts about any scientific topic interacting with the scientists providing the activity.

It is a live, science and “naughty” show where we will discover the mysteries of science but always in a fun way. Big Van scientists will show us that “the science is cool,” as they have already done with more than 100,000 viewers.

On Friday, also at 7pm at Masricart Castle, we will be having a talk by the Canonja Primary Care Team on ‘Living with COVID-19’. Shift and viewpoints.

The Science Week will conclude on Saturday with a workshop presentation by Mikel Guardiola, Head of Socialization at IPHES. It is a demonstration about the changes that took place in prehistoric societies about 10,000 years ago. He will explain the way of life of the late (Paleolithic) hunter-gatherer societies, which contrasts with the method of farmers-herders (Neolithic). He will bring the distinctive tools of both groups alive, demonstrate their effectiveness with practical examples, and explain the social changes that have occurred during the process of the new politicization. He will talk about strategies for making a living, forming trade networks, specialized crafts, as well as art and music. The workshop will take place on Saturday 20th at 11:30 am in the Castell de Masricart square.

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