Kordofan Karen Satriano is the “Nanny of the Year” in the United States

Finally, it was known on Monday that Karen Satriano, a citizen of Cordovan from Oncoilo, had been chosen “Nanny of the Year (Husband of the Year)” from the United States in the vote organized by the “Churchcare” Foundation in which young people from around the world competed.

“Dear Karen Alexia, we want to extend a big congratulation to the winners! Au husband of 2021 is Karen from Argentina, and the host family for 2021 is Leo family from Vermont,” the organization posted on their Instagram account

They added, “We are very excited to be the winners of our awards for 2021.”

Karen herself said: “I can’t believe it, I am very excited and very grateful to all who participated in their vote and gave me their support.” the sound.

“The prize is a free round-trip ticket to visit my family as soon as possible,” added the young woman, whose story was told by thousands of Cordoba and Argentines.

Karen competed head-to-head with a young woman from Brazil and was finally able to win and win.

His story

Karen was involved in a cultural and career exchange program, and with her dreams, she left for the United States to try to find new experiences. In this context, she found a family who adopted her from the start not only as an employee, but as another member over time.

A Kordofan woman was a candidate as a result of her selection by the organization that took her with girls from different parts of the world.

The most emotional thing about this story is that she did not apply. It was done by the family that leaves him in charge of taking care of their three children, with a vowel chosen from among the thousands that allowed him to enter this kind of competition, where his preferences in votes lead by a president with a fellow Brazilian.

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“A year and two months ago I came to an unknown place, new people, a new language, I was alone, but I was doing what I was really dreaming of,” she said from Chicago, where she lives. the soundKaren.

The young woman took a course to be a private jet pilot, only in theory because she was unable to do the practice for various reasons, among other things, the number of hours she worked to be able to support herself.

“But I also had to learn English and had no idea. I tried, but finally I made a decision to go to the United States, sell everything I had, save and participate in the Argentine cultural exchange program,” he added.

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