Kit Kat Canada is testing the power of artificial intelligence and giving it a much-needed break

Kitkat. Inspired by a recent study, the chocolate brand translates its iconic logo into today's fastest-growing technology.

For 85 years, KitKat has encouraged humans to “take a break.” Now his famous slogan has a new audience: artificial intelligence.

Today, artificial intelligence handles almost everything, from writing heartfelt letters to returning carefully detailed research results. The world's fastest-growing technology may be designed for hard work, but as KitKat has long known, breaks are good for everyone, even AI.

So, after some research, KitKat Canada posted a new video on its social platforms testing its famous logo using AI today. The brand collaborated with AOR Courage Inc. For a fun exercise the team asked one of the generators to take a break before completing the task. The results were very good: asking the AI ​​a question “Take a break and then…” resulted in more detailed and accurate answers than the same question without additional instructions.

The new trick is inspired by a recent study by Google Deepmind on large AI systems based on linguistic models, which details how asking for a “break” before any request improves response accuracy. Presumably, giving the machine more time to think and improve its response had a positive impact on the bottom line, similar to the way humans experience an improvement in their performance after a much-needed break.

“The KitKat logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It reminds us to take a break from our busy lives,” he says. Joel Hottleby, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Courage Inc. “This extra moment can help us work better, see problems differently, or just relax. So when we discovered that AI also gets better with a break, we naturally launched the name KitKat right away.”

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