UK Weather Forecast: Britain turns icy blue as a blizzard of -3 ° C will hit within hours | the weather

BBC Weather: Temperatures are ‘below average’ with winds blowing in the UK

Strong winds are already wreaking havoc in many areas this week, peaking at 76 mph at Capel Curig in Wales yesterday. But there are tougher conditions as low pressure is expected to sweep a fresh cold over the UK from a northerly direction. Temperatures could drop as low as -3 ° C in the northwest regions on Thursday, including Carlisle and the Lake District, according to WXCHARTS.

Down in Yorkshire, lows can reach 0 ° C as well as in Leeds and York on the same day, while London and Kent in the southeast are warmer at 1 ° C.

The latest temperature anomaly maps from WXCHARTS show the entire UK turning various shades of blue on Thursday May 6, when the cold air arrives.

Blue indicates much cooler temperatures than would normally be expected at this time of year.

Temperatures in the south, the West Midlands and Wales on Thursday could be 2-4 ° C cooler than normal.

UK Weather Forecast: Britain could see frost lows this week (Photo: WXCHARTS)

In the northeast, the difference can be more pronounced between 6 ° C and 8 ° C cooler than normal.

The WXCharts Snow Map indicates that rare snowfall is expected in May, and portions of the Northwest forecast will receive between 1 cm and 2 cm of snow.

Brian Gies, a weather forecast expert, warned that snow will also hit the northern regions by tomorrow when the icy northerly winds blow.

He said, “Tonight, the rain is constantly disappearing and the clear periods are developing. Temperatures drop rapidly and widespread frost is developing.”

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UK Weather Forecast – The latest maps show the shades of ice blue covering the nation (Photo: WXCHARTS)

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“Tomorrow brings a mixture of sun and rain. In the north, freezing or wet rain may fall to low levels at times. Temperatures remain well below the seasonal average.

During Thursday, the downpours spread east through southern Britain. There is some uncertainty about their extension north, but they are likely to remain in south London.

“Other regions have dry and bright spells, but in the north there will be rain that can be winter over the hills. Hail in early May.

“The chilly, chilly weather is expected to continue for the rest of the week. There is a risk of heavy rain from the southwest to further.

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UK Weather Forecast: Temperatures may drop to -3 ° C in the northwest

UK Weather Forecast: Temperatures may drop to -3 ° C in the Northwest (Photo: WXCHARTS)

Net Weather’s Paul Michaelwitt added that northerly winds are expected to bring in the “flavor of winter” all this week.

He said, “Today (Tuesday) we return to the topic of sunny and rainy days.

“The winds are still gusty and will stay that way for much of the day, only slowly fading away.

“It is blowing from a cool northerly or northwestern direction, so there will be a distinctive cold in the air. However, the more protected areas of southern England will experience temperatures in their teens.

UK Weather Forecast - Latest graphs showing northern winds

UK Weather Forecast – Latest graphs showing the skin of the northern winds (Image: WXCHARTS)

“The rains will be more and more frequent in the afternoon, and some of them will likely merge into longer periods of rain.”

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Some rain will be torrential and stormy with hail, and over the northern highlands of England to the north, it will be cold enough to fall in the form of frost and snow.

“This afternoon and overnight, we will see a tail of torrential rain falling across Wales, central and southern England, but away from the north-west coasts, many parts will dry up with widespread frost that will form in the North Midlands.”

He added that cold air could move across the UK from the north during the week, leading to snowfall and freezing temperatures along the way.

UK Weather Forecast: The cold air is ready to sweep the nation

UK Weather Forecast – Cold air is set to sweep the country this week (Photo: WXCHARTS)

“The increasingly cold air will come from the north toward Scotland as the night progresses, bringing more rain inland, with much of it falling in the form of frost and snow,” said Michaelwitt.

Another sunny day and torrential rain comes on Wednesday, with a savor of winter for many of them in Northern Britain and especially in the hills.

“It will be another cold day at this time of the year, with temperatures ranging between 7 and 12 degrees Celsius in general, with cool winds from the northwest that will exceed these values.

“Another cold night will follow, with widespread frosts as most of the torrential rain dies off the coasts.”

UK weather forecast: Winds are pushing the UK from the north

UK Weather Forecast: Winds are seen pushing the UK from the North (Photo: WXCHARTS)

The BBC weather forecast for Saturday 1 May to Sunday 9 May predicted that the low pressure will drive “cold northerly winds”.

The forecast read: “ The first week of May will see a drastic change in weather in the UK starting in the second half of April.

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“As the high pressure, which has been a frequent visitor to us in recent weeks, is moving south, the low-pressure weather systems will compress from the west, resulting in an unstable week with some periods of heavy rain and winds. Stronger.

“There will likely be sun and rain in the middle of the week with cool winds coming from the north.

UK weather forecast: Northern regions will be hardest hit by the cold

UK Weather Forecast: Northern regions are ready to bear the brunt of cold conditions (Photo: WXCHARTS)

“Some rain can bring cold or winter weather in some places.”

The Met Office added that snow may fall to low levels in the north tomorrow.

The forecast said: “Today, many parts are cloudy with showers or for longer periods of rain, some of them are torrential, especially in the north.

“Some periods of sunshine, especially in southern England and northern Scotland. Strong winds slowly slow down, although it is still stormy with a feeling of coolness.”

UK Weather Forecast: Lower pressure is expected to increase subzero temperatures

UK Weather Forecast: Lower pressure is expected to increase subzero temperatures (Photo: WXCHARTS)

Tonight a strip of rain in the middle of the UK is slowly moving southward. Remove the following spells from the north, allowing for frost in some places, while the winter rains affect northern Scotland.

Wednesday sees bouts of sunshine and rain, some with cold and thunder, especially in the north and east. Snow falls on the hills, also at low levels in the far north at first. the cold.

“The possibilities for Thursdays and Saturdays are periods of sunny and rain until Thursday and Friday with night frosts in some places.

“Rain and strong winds from the north to the east until Saturday, with high temperatures in the southeast.”

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