Kevin Costner comes to Netflix in this hit Western series about power and territory

Find out what's in store for the Duttons in this sneak peek, which begins with John Dutton being sworn in as governor of Montana, among other things. (Paramount Plus)

Yellowstonethe successful original production of Paramount+ It has officially arrived in the catalogue Netflix. The fantasy, which has captured the attention of millions of viewers globally, can now be watched by even more viewers around the world flow. The popular drama, which already has four and a half seasons, was released on the red platform January 15, 2024 The first three parts are available.

Taylor Sheridana screenwriter recognized for his work on films such as Assassin, Nothing to lose (Hell or high water) And Wild winds (Wind River), is the creator of this drama with a modern Western environment. The plot focuses on the territorial conflicts surrounding a massive cattle ranch, indigenous reserve, and Yellowstone National Park, located in Montana, United States, and has been the subject of much acclaim from critics and audiences.

The Dutton family drama will be available on the red 'N' from January 15. (Credits: Paramount+)

Yellowstone It tells the story of the Duttons, a family always led by interesting people John Dutton Costner, owner of the largest farm in the United States. He and his family face internal and external challenges in an environment where the greed of powerful business leaders, indigenous community and government interests converge and clash with his own way of life.

It is important to highlight the importance of this series in the cultural and entertainment field, because it combines the appeal of the power struggle with a critical view of environmental issues and territorial sovereignty. The television drama's commitment to representing deep America and its contemporary dilemmas has been a major factor in its success.

“1883” is a prequel to the film “Yellowstone,” which was also a hit on television and streaming. (Paramount Plus)

Paramount+ executives have expressed their strong support for Taylor Sheridan's creations, which is one of the key pillars of the game's original platform's massive subscriber growth. However, various production conflicts delayed the premiere of Part 2 of Season 5, leaving the release date still up in the air.

The arrival of the Western-style novel to the red “N” comes after the success achieved by the series Yellow jacketswas also moved to the same catalog, generating high expectations about how this strategic move could expand the fantasy phenomenon itself among users and what other Paramount productions on Netflix could reach.

“Yellowstone” tells the story of the struggle over power and land on the largest ranch in the United States.

The first three seasons of Yellowstone Available now in Netflix. Likewise, you can find Complete series Until the Season 5 in Paramount+. It should be noted that the second half of this fifth installment will arrive next November. “Kevin Costner is John Dutton, patriarch of a ranching family in Montana and owner of the largest ranch in the United States. The series follows John Dutton's struggle to defend his land and family from modern forces that threaten his way of life,” the official synopsis details.

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