Jobs in medicine, the trend of students due to the epidemic

The National University of San Isidro “Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz” (UNSO), in Buenos Aires, is planning to dictate medicine and various technical courses related to health, given the tradition that this municipality has in public hospitalsAlthough none of them have yet been adopted, the president of the university, Adriana Lopez, predicted.

The head of the Office to Combat Desertification and Drought, which was created six years ago, explained that these disciplines need practice that must be personal, which ruled out being enabled at this time by hypothetical knowledge.

According to Lopez, “The pandemic has increased the need for vacancies; in nursing there are no professionals, there are few of them. We are awarding bachelor’s degrees in nursing and accrediting (accrediting) the bachelor’s degree (CONEAU) in the National Commission for University Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAU).”

The university president explained that her colleagues from within believe that “the criteria of the national government to establish the universities of the future this year in Cuenca del Rio Salado (Canuelas), Delta (Tegre), Saladillo and Pilar are not federal”, “due to the privileges of the province of Buenos Aires”.

Lopez is one of five mayors of 60 public higher education institutions, the second to lead a university named after a patriotic thinker such as Raul Scalabrini Ortiz, the other being Florencio Varela, named Arturo Goricchi.

In an interview with “Now or Never: Education Space” by Radio Cooperativa (AM770) she also noted that “in Nursing we do specific topics with seminars on sexuality, which are practically central to the practice of the profession due to the way we live today.

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The main concepts of the report were as follows:

– We have a very important record of what is a medical emergency, a profession that is very demanded, the staff are the ones who sit on top of the ambulance.

– The jobs we are about to launch are vacancies, one of which is a technician in cyber security, which is not dictated as such in any other university in the country.

Another highly sought-after profession is the technical degree in Criminology, which is awarded in one national university that is not in the province of Buenos Aires, although it is taught in private universities.

– The bombing (dropout) was 30% who are not used to what virtualization is and there are people who find it difficult to solve the connection problem, so they do not have the possibility to study by default.

– The new headquarters of the United Nations Office to Combat Desertification, which was established ten days ago in the abandoned railway station, has an area of ​​​​9,000 square meters between the covered and exposed roof, in this place that is a symbol of San Isidro, a public and free university will operate.

– I agree with what colleagues think of CIN (National Council on International Universities, which includes the heads of 60 study houses in the state) about the lack of planning; Those from within said that this was not very federal, because it was special, as was the province of Buenos Aires (about the creation of this year the universities of Cuenca del Rio Salado, Tigre, Saladillo, Pilar and the nationalization of the province of Aziza).

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Source: Argentina news

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