They train medical students in organ donation and transplantation

Since last year, the training has been carried out through a virtual platform.

In June, training began on Procurement of Organs and Tissue for Transplant, for medical students at the National University of Cordoba.

This is the module “Procurement of Organs and Tissue for Transplantation”, dictated by specialists from the Coordination of Ablation and Transplantation of Córdoba (Ecodaic), and is intended for students of the fourth and fifth year of medicine studying the chair of the Clinic I Clinic.

The aim of the training – which is being offered for the 19th consecutive year – is for students to gain knowledge about organ and tissue donation during their undergraduate studies.

The unit consists of 20 theoretical hours, divided into six meetings, plus assessment as a closing.

In the same way, students studying Compulsory Professional Practice (PFO) from the Catholic University of Cordoba, will be able to enroll in it in August 2021.

It is pertinent to note that since last year, as part of the prevention measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, training is being provided through a virtual platform.

In this regard, Marcial Angus, Director of Ecodaic, highlighted the importance of working to raise awareness among health teams on the issue. For this, he explained that Ecodaic is working on different strategies: “We have two main points: the undergraduate, where we work with students from the last years of the medical profession at UNC, the Catholic University of Cordoba, a private hospital university; we also do it in the postgraduate field with Housing students of different disciplines.

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He concluded, “The main objective is for the health system to have the procurement of organs and tissues for transplantation as an institutional objective.”

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