It's the perfect sequel to the old Sonic game, and now literally. Sonic Mania can be played directly on Dreamcast – Sonic Mania

A developer is creating a port that, while there's work ahead of it, is largely nostalgic

For many, Sonic mania He was Back to childhood. Directly inspired by the famous Blue Hedgehog classics, this title has entertained many fans of the character with entertaining and challenging levels. In short, we're talking about an ideal experience for those who miss last year's gaming sessions; The definition has now become more realistic thanks to the advent of Unofficial port for Dreamcast.

We owe this project entirely to developer and content creator sonicfreak94, who showed off a small snippet of his work on Your YouTube account (via cjelly on Reset the era). “This is my port of the Sonic Mania Deconstruction Collection for the Dreamcast, which runs on real hardware in 60 fps (Most of the time) as hardware advances in accelerated rendering. I'm working on this during my free time, so development can be very slow, But it's moving forward!“.

As you can see in the video shared by sonicfreak94, the port is far from perfect. The developer is fully aware of the flaws in his project: “ Blue screens “Indicates that a new scene is loading,” it explains in the YouTube description. “currently There is no sound because the memory is too tight“, he adds as an additional detail. “There have been some recent regressions in the graphics arrangement (the fire looks weird), but that can be fixed. Screws are not provided Until you die once, for some reason. Just act like it doesn't happen. Color reproduction and aspect ratio appear poor due to a combination of my capture hardware and ill-configured video editing software. Whatever the case, what appears in the first trailer suggests that there's a good chance we'll see Sonic Mania as a Dreamcast game, which will make Hedgehog fans happy.

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Sonic will return for his third movie

Although we know well Sega's intention to take Sonic to the top of the video game sector, many of the teams responsible for the blue hedgehog are now setting their sights on the world of cinema. After all, we know that Sonic 3 movie It will be released at the end of this year Jim Carrey will return as Dr. Robotnik. But before all that, we'll have the opportunity to do just that Watch the series Knuckleswhich will premiere this spring on Paramount+.

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