It’s just not a Pac-Man game and it won’t be “free” anymore

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The point is that pac man He’s one of those characters who’s covered in every way imaginable. From the original lane to 3D or platform reviews that often didn’t do it justice For the path and status of the hero. And if there’s a universal truth surrounding this franchise, it’s that the more new releases feel like the first, the more gamers will love them.

And that was the case Pac-Man 99a title launched in the image and likeness of a classic for life But they added an online element to it where we have to face 98 other players. An intense battle for the survival of ghosts where the last one standing wins. like this battle royale (Except for spaces, of course) You can play completely free inside Nintendo Switch Online, the Japanese service where we find titles from NES, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Mega Drive, etc. at the same time.

Well, the good news doesn’t seem to last a lifetime, and unfortunately, Pac-Man 99 You will cease to be part of the ServiceNamco Bandai and Nintendo themselves also announced through a statement.

Don’t worry, you have months to go.

If you have played with Pac-Man 99 You will know what its development is, and it is more fun than the original because of the competitive component of the games between many opponents, so if you want to enjoy it Write the date they marked on the calendar for their final farewellIt will be October 8th when we stop making it available and free on Nintendo Switch Online.

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But while that will be the solid history, there are two more that will mark the entire process of letting go of this show as we can play it now. And so, on August 8, two months ago, Pac-Man 99 It will remove custom themes that we can buy in the form of plates, and on September 8, the same will happen with deluxe package and DLCs for unlock mode.

If you have purchased any of these items, you should know that in offline modes they will continue to work for you after October 8th, so You can continue to enjoy Pac-Man 99 But without the competitive component Connected. What Namco Bandai must tell us between now and the day it leaves the online store is whether there is any alternative to payment or whether the deactivation of the servers will be total and irreversible. If so, it would be bad news for those who since 2021 have dedicated body and soul to one of the most fun releases in the world.

Didn’t you try it? Well, now switch in, and if you have the paid online service, Download it to see what we’re talking about.

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