It would be DLC of dark deception

Once again, one of Konami’s star stories excites audiences with a frankly disappointing announcement.

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Fans have been waiting like May Water, and for years, the news from Silent HillHowever Konami He is looking for other issues and has not just given the Japanese company the star horror franchise the notoriety its fans think it deserves. He showed it again today, with Prof. New advertisement That left its users with honey on their lips.

It is downloadable content for the video game Dark Deception: Monsters and Humans, A title released in 2018 which is a first-person multiplayer experience in which players play different characters from the world of Dark Deception. In short, there is definitely an advertisement on the other side which many users would like.

Many hate in the Sient Hill saga

This is not the first time that we find ourselves in such a position on the hands Konami Who focused his attention on other things. Last year, without going any further, the The Silent Hill series returns in the form of DLC For Dead by Deadlight. One that includes Top of the pyramid As a killer, he’s already famous Sherrill Mason As a genie.

When it comes to the video games in this series, we haven’t had much wealth in the past decade either. Silent downpour hill It is noticeably loved by many fans of the series, yet it has been received with some warmth by many others, and almost everyone agrees that it is a video game far from the series’ standards. Less fortunate they have other episodes like average Memories of Silent Hill It was disturbingly released for the PS Vita.

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What does the Japanese company do until one of its stars is ditched? In this report we tell you what exactly it is Dedicated to Konami after Silent Hills, With a very deep look at Current strategy And a detailed look at the latest catalog of the distributor and developer.

Silent Hills: Abolition of the last great game

Imagen de Silence Hill: Rainfall

Now you definitely remember the long-awaited state of Silent Hills which, unfortunately, came to nothing. The game that Hideo Kojima directed in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro was Canceled by Konami After showing a promising demo called PT.

The annoying playable demo is part of the franchise’s black legend lately, which is that the game not only canceled its development, it was a playable demo Check out the various digital stores And now, They can only turn it on Users who downloaded it at that time.

If you want to remember it, we leave a video below where we summarize some of the Detail and curiosity Most striking PT It remains to this day one of the most terrifying experiences you can have in a video game.

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