They arrested Efrine Alegre, Paraguay’s opposition leader …

Paraguay police have arrested To the leader of the opposition Efrin Alegre After justice has ordered him Preventive prison. The current president of the Paraguayan Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) arrived at the police headquarters of the Asunción Specialized Group, accompanied by family members and hundreds of supporters who followed him in a caravan from the Liberal Party headquarters, where the leader spoke with his counterpart. Followers. “The prison will be our trench.” handle. The head of the PLRA will be placed in quarantine at the police station and then transferred to the National Prison in Tacumbú in the capital Asunción.

They expressed from the schedule of the heads of the opposition parties their rejection of this measure, considering it illegal. And they condemned in a statement, “Alegre was subject at all times to this process, although he was an evidentiary orphan.”

The Prosecutor’s Office charged Alegre in connection with a bill – presumably fraudulent – for the purchase of fuel. The bill appeared in the accountability of the 2018 elections in the province of Alto Parana. Defense Ephrine Allegri denounced this The accounts were submitted to electoral justice on June 1, 2018, While The invoice listed in the deduction register is dated one and a half months after the specified date.

Allegri asserted in his defense that law as a presidential candidate prevented him from managing funds. But the accusation leveled by the Prosecutor’s Office of the opposition leader is that he is the head of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. In the 2018 election itself, Allegri was a contender for incumbent Paraguay President Mario Abdo Benitez of the Colorado Conservative Party. Abdou Benitez won by just not four points.

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Judge Cynthia Lovera ordered pretrial detention of the head of the People’s Liberation Army because Alegre refused to pay the bail, which amounted to about $ 22,000. To avoid going to jail while awaiting trial. They also denounced the opposition parties ’agenda that the scheduled procedure was issued without” any risk of escape or obstruction. “

Paraguay’s opposition leader blamed former Colorado Party president Horacio Cartes (2013-2018) and current president Mario Abdo Benitez for their trial and detention. “The head of the mafia, Horacio Manuel Cartes, decided today that this president be imprisoned, but we are proud to go as we said at the time because we will not accept this flawed operation,” Alegre said.

Efrine Alegre has enjoyed a wide political career since he started participating in the liberal youth in 1983. In 2012 he lost to the right-wing ex-president Horacio Cartes. Then in 2018 he joined the coalition of left-wing parties called the Gowaso Front where he faced Colorado candidate Mario Abdo Benitez, with whom he lost by less than four points.

The leader of the opposition received a visit from the former president and current senator of the Gowasu Front, Fernando Lugo. “Clarifying this case from the beginning is the best. It had vices and this cannot be progressed like this.”Logo said.

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