It appears that “zombie mink animals” in Denmark that have been killed to stop the spread of the Corona virus are rising from their graves

Mink infected with a mutant strain of novel coronavirus She emerged from the grave this week after that Thousands were executed In Denmark earlier this month.

The decision to kill the animals was made after it was discovered that 11 people were infected with the same strain found on mink farms and factories.

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However, in a hurry get rid of Organizations, Danish authorities reported Thursday That some of the bodies were It rose to the surface Their makeshift graves after the accumulation of gases inside the decomposing corpses.

The bodies were buried in it Fields of military training Outside the town of Holstebro.

Thousands of killed minkes were buried at the Jydske Dragonregiment training ground in Noerre Felding near Holstebro in Denmark on November 12, 2020. Millions of minkes infected with the Coronavirus have been destroyed in Denmark and cases of the disease have been detected elsewhere in the world. (Morten Stricker / NTB via AP)

The corpses lay in trenches more than 8 feet deep and 10 feet wide and the first meter of dead mink was covered in chalk before another layer was added underneath the dirt, According to the Associated Press.

However, even though the mink should have been covered with at least 5 feet of soil, CBS News reported They were buried only about 3 feet deep as well as near a lake – raising concerns that this might happen pollution.

The leaders said that the grave would even be watched by the authorities A fence can be erected.

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Mink “zombies” are reburied elsewhere Environmental officials I had promised to fix the situation.

Some mayors suggested burning mink carcasses, According to USA Today.

Parliament has ordered the killing of about 15 million mink animals and banned all cultivation of mink until the end of next year. The country is the world’s largest exporter of mink fur.

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Denmark has reported more than 74,700 cases and more than 800 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

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