Is the end near? Strange METEOR flies across the UK and causes an explosion that can be heard as far as France

At the end of this week a natural phenomenon occurred that astonished more than one in the United Kingdom, where a strange meteor in the form of a fireball flew across the sky of that region in broad daylight, in addition to creating a sonic explosion so loud that it was heard. Farther north as far as France, according to the Live Science portal.

The sonic explosion occurred at 2:50 pm on Saturday, March 20, it is said Heard in southwest England, Wales and northern France.

Initially, most people assumed the noise was the result of combat aircraft, but the Department of Defense soon announced that was not the case.

It was later identified as a daytime fireball meteor. Some experts have noted this The car must be “very large” So that it can be detected during the day.

A number of people said on Twitter that they witnessed A. A flash of bright light in the sky at the same time, And they took pictures of the traumatic event.

What is meteor fireball?

It is a very lustrous type of meteorite Emits light equal or greater than that of Venus in the night sky, According to the American Meteorite Society (AMS).

These meteorites burn brightly due to their size and speed. Most fireballs come from asteroids that are at least 3.3 feet (1 meter) wide. When a meteor hits Earth’s atmosphere, Slows down due to friction and heats up, Releasing energy in the form of visible light, according to AMS.

Also, those racing cars frequently Create a sonic boom Before the breakup.

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These types of eruptions could be an indication that the meteor was large enough to hit Earth like a meteor, according to Ashley King, a scientist with the Fireball Alliance in the United Kingdom.


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