Careers. Canada offers 136 vacancies in Tamaulipas, Quebec

The National Employment Service at Tamaulipas It offers 136 job vacancies available to work for Quebec, Canada. They are consistent activities in areas ranging from computer programming And operations, such as Workers, Which will be available in the offices installed in the entity.

Within The conference called Quebec 2021Available jobs Java programmerAnd the Cloud engineerAnd the project managerAnd the Mechanical complexAnd the WeldersAnd the Production Sorter And other positions, with Salaries range from 38,000 to 969 pesos, Until the 102,000 505 pesos Clear.

Labor Secretary at the entity, Miguel Angel Villarreal UngayAnnounce it Candidates until April 12th to apply And later participate in virtual interviews.

Those interested should have access to The portal is, For registration, as well as in Page abroadTo know the requirements that companies require.

One of the requirements, he said, is intermediate or advanced French, or to demonstrate and make available skills in other languages The number 800841 2020, for more information.

Other opportunities

In addition to the above, 30 vacancies and 80 bases were opened in countries such as Canada, Germany s United State For Mexicans, with Salaries of more than 50,000 pesos per month For deals like CookAnd the CarpenterAnd the Builders s Day laborers.

The regional head of the National Employment Service in Altamira, JoaquĆ­n Montes, said that they are looking for more and more employment in the country, which is why he invited residents to come to this office in the municipality.

“The National Employment Service has an agreement with these countries and it concerns real jobs. People can leave safely and confidently. This is not deception, and their transit abroad is done without fraud with paid insurance, daily allowance and accommodation.”he added.

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