Invitation to participate in ‘The Squid Game’?: A road sign with a circle, a square and a triangle that confuses British drivers


October 13, 2021 15:24 GMT

The police had to turn to social networks to clarify suspicions about the signal.

British police have had to resort to social networks to resolve drivers’ suspicions about a traffic light with a circle, square and triangle similar to those that appear on cards received by the characters of the hit series. squid game To participate in the challenge.

Good evening everyone. We can confirm that following this sign from Junction 5 of the M4 in Slough will not lead you to the popular Netflix series ‘The Squid Game’. They are only indications of detours during construction work on the road… Less bad!They wrote the Thames Valley Traffic Police on their Twitter account.

It should be noted that symbols such as circles, triangles, squares or rhombuses are used on road signs in the UK to guide drivers through detour ways In case of accidents (eg road closures).

In the series, every time a person goes to participate in a challenge, he receives an invitation card in which the above-mentioned geometric figures appear, which at the same time indicates the rank of the guards who monitor the development of the game. Thus, the squares are the representative sign of “managers”, the triangles represent the armed soldiers and the circle, the workers.

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