Invade other people’s games in a ring

As part of QuakeCon 21, how to play Julianne to spoil other players’ games.

Deathloop It will arrive next September, and although Arcane Lyon made it clear to us It plays so frequently that we don’t get caught up in itThere are still some aspects to know about this long-awaited shooter from the creators prey and insult. Now, on the occasion of QuakeCon, which takes place over the weekend, its directors have detailed more about the multiplayer functionality that the adventure will have, which will be very strange.

You can conquer other players’ games and get rewards in returnThey have already indicated a long time ago that there will be a system very similar to the one used in games like Evil spirits, where a player can invade another’s game with the sole aim of spoiling his game. What we can do in deathloop rammed control Julian, opponent of the game. If we choose to control them, we will fight with the user trying to complete the game, so It is measured face-to-face with another human brain, not an artificial intelligenceTo give a more unpredictable touch to gaming. We can choose between processing a friend’s game or another random user.

Using Julian will give us bonuses in the form of cosmetics, weapons or abilities, either to use with her or also with Colt, the hero. In this way, players will have Incentives other than trying to spoil the game for other users; This by itself will be enough for many. In addition, with the opponent, we will also have to achieve certain goals, such as ending enemies with headshots or combining powers so that the Huntress points obtained are higher.

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Deathloop release date is next September 14 and coming to PC and PS5, Being Exclusively on consoles for 1 year for the Sony console, following an agreement reached with Bethesda before Xbox bought the publisher.

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