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Last Saturday, April 10, the Todos por Isabella virtual solidarity tournament was held, which allowed us to celebrate the birthday of Isabella Ocampo Cativa, who is currently in Buenos Aires undergoing a very complex medical treatment.

From the game, 119 players participated in the Solidarity Grand Tournament, which has already become a national and international classic; In it, many chess players are waiting for dates of joining, playing and cooperation.
This time the winner was 29-year-old Hungarian Grand Prix (GM) Pap Gyula, based in Germany. And second place in the Russian-Canadian general rankings was won by Batur Sampoev and the Spanish nationalist of Georgia Anna Matnadze to close the podium.

Winners by category

Infants and youth category
1. Gabriela Feller – Santa Catarina, Brazil.
2 Dante Wardick (26) – Kappa.
3 Faustino oro (35) kappa.

Subclass 1600
1 Silvio Argaraz – SFV from Catamarca.
2 Tadeo Even Naoudi – SFV de Catamarca.
3 Lucas Breeze Novoa Kappa.

Subclass 1900
1 Manuel Mendes – Valle Viejo, Catamarca.
2 Javier Lopez Pirlo – SFV from Catamarca.
3 Daniel De Batista – Tandil, Buenos Aires.

Elite class
1 GM Pap Gyula de Karlsruhe – Alemania.
2 General Motors Bator Samboev – Canada.
3 WGM Ana Matnadze – ESPA.
4- General Motors Robin Flagier – Argentina.
5 Lucas Combi Kappa, Argentina
6 Valentin Jagar – San Nicolas, Buenos Aires.
7 FM Daniel Breeze – Corrientes, Argentina.
8. Julene Lvarez – Chile.
9- General Motors Diego Flores – John, Argentina.
10- General Motors Alejandro Hoffman – Uruguay.
The best boat players who excelled in the competition are: Darro Ocampo, Gustavo Rodriguez and Manuel Mendes.

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The Steering Committee thanks the sponsors and collaborators: Club Social 25 de Agosto, Catamarquea Chess Federation, Pen Rey de La Puna, Santa Mara Chess Club, Defense of La Paz, Tinogasta Chess Club and Dominant Queen; And to Maestro Fedi Juan Cruz Arias, who broadcast the tournament live on Facebook to Ushuaia Municipal Institute. Likewise, for companies: Expreso Diemar, Centrocar, Deputy Governor of Catamarca, Bodegas Veralma, Asociacin Soles, El Bodegn de Manuel, PNT Lubricantes, Vega Distribucin Comercial, Adhesivos Siloc, Mecor Indumentaria, Graphic Designer Mario Vieja Ocampo, Journalist Lic Juan Francisco Moreno and newspapers Catamarca, because without them it would not be possible to publish the event.

Next date
The Catamarca Chess Association board expects that there will be three more Isabella tournaments taking place on Saturday 15 May, Saturday 12 June and Saturday 17 July. N

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