Cordovan Francisco Jose Amaro received an award for implementing the best dissertation in the world of sports medicine

Between class, Fran responds to messages of congratulations from friends and family. The smile put on him on Tuesday, when he learned that he had won the world’s best thesis award in the field of sports medicine, had not yet disappeared from his face. An award awarded by the “British Journal of Sports Medicine”, the most prestigious scientific journal in this field of knowledge.

After an online vote, Fran, a Córdoba from Fuentovigona, researcher and professor of physiology at the University of Granada, won the award, becoming the first Spanish scientist to receive this prestigious award. His doctoral thesis was defended in 2019 and has a total of 18 scholarly articles published in high-impact journals. Amaro, a graduate of Physical Activity and Sports Science and fifth year medical student at UGR, with his PhD thesis titled “Sports Training Increases Levels of Anti-Aging Protein Cloth: Heart Disease-Related Health Effects. A FIT-AGING Randomized Controlled Trial” (“Physical Exercise Increases Levels The Anti-Aging Protein Cloth: Implications for Health-Related Cardiac Metabolism. The FIT-AGING Randomized Controlled Study (“FIT-AGING”).

Its main objectives were to study the association of klotho protein levels in plasma with physical condition, energy metabolism and heart health, and to study the effect of various physical exercise programs on plasma levels of klotho protein, physical condition, and metabolism. Middle-aged sedentary adults.

Under the direction of Doctors, Manuel J. Castillo and Angel Gutierrez from the Department of Physiology (Faculty of Medicine) at UGR and Dr. Jonathan R. Ruiz from UGR’s Department of Physical Education and Sports, their thesis shows that protein cloth is a promising biomarker for longevity and heart health that can be modified by physical exercise.

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