Interactive mural of Ingentia Prima

The Minister of State for Science, Technology and Innovation under the coordination of innovation and creativity in February embodied a technical intervention with virtual technology. It’s an interactive mural about the last great discovery of paleontologists from San Juan, Ingentia prima.

San Juan County Government has the imprint of bringing the flag closer to everyone, and in that spirit, the Secretary of State, Marietta Benavente; He launched the initiative of a group of local artists to create the first smart dinosaur mural discovered in Balde de Lys, Ingentia Prima. This artwork with technological characteristics is the first to be found in San Juan as well as in the country.

Located millions of years ago in the corner of Rioja and Belgrano, the extinct dinosaur comes to life in a giant with a 3D effect of 14 meters in length, inviting the observer to play and interact with technology, in the subject of scientific interest and do so through art.

This mural is made with an optical technology called Anaglyph Image, which allows the superimposition of two images and, by manipulating their colours, a 3D result. This makes it possible to see the image of the bones, the image of the dinosaur’s body or both superimposed, providing multiple reading possibilities in the same image, in the same place. This visual technique is the only one that allows an image to be combined with scientific accuracy data (the skeleton, for example), allowing to communicate a final idea (a representation of the physical appearance) of the dinosaur.

The team made up of Lucas Aguirre, Maximiliano Heredia, Matías Alcaraz, Leandro Molina, Fabio Pereira and Fernando Maldonado, intervened in the space granted by the Metropolitan Municipality so that adults and children could see the mural in three dimensions and according to the tone of the lens used (red and/or blue ) can visualize bone, muscle structure or otherwise, thus achieving an observation of the total reconstruction that scientists have made of the entire body of the dinosaur.

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The final art is a highly realistic image of an Ingentia prima, the same image used in all science papers and dinosaur app, made in San Juan. In addition, by technology (stainless steel plate with low vent laser cut) with QR code. This code will be redirected to the Dinosauriar app which contains specific scientific information about the dinosaur, GPS locator and filter filmed with Ingentia and through virtual reality you can dive into how to implement this urban intervention.

For her part, Minister of State for Science, Technology and Innovation; Ing confirmed. Marietta Bellavente that: “Just as SECITI funds scientific expeditions for these ancient discoveries, for which an infrastructure was built in the Balde de Leyes to protect the bones because the investigation is not finished and continues, so the tests support bone dating. Until the construction of the Museum of Natural Sciences, there is a tremendous commitment to the dissemination of science and development of paleontology 4.0.

For this reason, a mobile application with information on dinosaurs has been promoted called Dinosauriar and now we have found it interesting to support an artistic and technological initiative that will undoubtedly invite you to play, to get closer to science, and to generate curiosity in adults and children. Best of all, both the mural and the dinosaurs will be freely available to anyone who wants to live this observational experience.” The official confirms.

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