The Lieutenant Governor accompanies a health operation with advanced students from the Mar del Plata Graduate School of Medicine |

El Espinillo: The Lieutenant Governor accompanied a health operation with advanced students from the Mar del Plata High School of Medicine

Through the detailed work of the UNDP Graduate School of Medicine and the Ministry of Health in Chaco, operations are carried out from the local hospital to the rural health points. On this occasion, Rach Quiroga accompanied the day in the area of ​​Ola Quebrada.

Lieutenant Governor Analia Rush Quiroga, this Friday with the Director of El Espinillo Hospital Diego Morales and Mayor Zenón Cuellar, participated in the health operation conducted in Paraje Olla Quebrada with students of the last year of the medical profession in the March of Silver. This is a detailed work between the Superior School of Medicine of the City of Buenos Aires (UNMDP) and the Ministry of Health of the Chaco.

Health operations are carried out twice a week from the hospital to 13 rural health centers, with advanced students from UNMDP and the School of Medicine of the Universidad del Chaco Austral (Uncaus). The aim is to ensure territoriality and community access to public care, dental, women’s care, nursing and vaccination.

For this, progress has been made on an agreement formalizing the joint work between the UNDP, the hospital and the Ministry of Public Health of the Chaco. “This allows us to make a more efficient intervention to ensure the right to health for rural populations and access to health,” confirmed Rush Quiroga.

The schedule of operations will continue next Tuesday in the Paso Susa region and will complete the month in the regions of Algarbas, Cangay, Campo de Mayo and San Manuel. It will continue in June in the regions of Manantiales, Mojo, El Palmar, Las Palomas, Pozo la China, Víboras Blancas, Palo Marcado and Palma Sola.

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Morales thanked the Lieutenant Governor for the visit and highlighted the importance of the detailed work that allows to strengthen the efficiency of the service. “By visiting the roving team twice a week in rural positions, access to public health is provided to the local community in the rural area, with the final practice of the University of Mar del Plata and Oncaos rotating during the year in Espinillo translating into more and better care.”

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