Inter Miami DT: Leonardo Campana is “unbeatable” and that his team can win without Argentine Gonzalo Higuain | football | Sports

Not only is the US media applauding the good performance of Ecuadorean striker Leonardo Campana so far in what they call Inter Miami’s “resurrection”. He has five MLS goals and, as a result, questioned Argentine Gonzalo Higuain’s return to ownership.

The footballer El Gaucho has been sidelined with an injury and is now recovering; However, head coach Phil Neville is clear in saying he will fight a “tough battle” to return as the 11th superstar.

“You can see the intensity with which Gonzalo returned to training this week. “He knows it’s a tough battle in his hands to get back into the starting line-up because he sees someone scoring goals (Campana),” the coach said.

“But it inspires him, because he was always looking for someone to share the responsibility with. I think the team has shown in the last three games that they can win without Gonzalo,” added Neville.

The coach was clear in noting that Campana would continue the superstar role in his team and described him as “unbeatable”.

“I think Campana is now almost unbeatable at his level. And when the scorers give these kinds of performances, you just let them go and you don’t take them out of play.”

In recent weeks, the English coach has been unleashed in praise of the Ecuadorean striker.

“I was yelling at him to hit the goalpost; but his quality and his composure show where this guy is going. You know you’re in your time. He reminded me of my former teammate Eric Cantona, who had that ability to pass the ball to the best players so they could score,” said DT in the last days. (Dr)

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