In trouble, the United States will summon Kate Del Castillo, they say

In trouble, the United States will summon Kate Del Castillo, for example redesigning

The problem is not over with the beautiful. Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, this was provided by the famous Mhoni Seer. Cuban guarantees that The hero of the novel, Queen of the South Very soon it will be summoned by the United States.

On the Aqui com Você program, in the Ask Mhoni section, the seer revealed that Ex Luis Garcia He’s not completely out of his troubles due to his relationship with famous businessman Sinaloan Guzmán.

Mahoni Vident confirmed that after the arrest of the wife of this Mexican character, several investigations have reappeared and that his name Daughter of Eric Del Castillo Will happen again.

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Kate Del Castillo, her meeting with the Sinaloan businessman, an interview with Sean Penn and even the rights he signed to the life of the Sinaloan character may appear again in the United States.

Kate Del Castillo I lived in a North American country for a long time for professional reasons; However, her association with this character forced her to go on for many years without returning to beloved Mexico, where her parents Eric and Kate live.

the hero of the story Ungovernable He became involved in the controversy after an interview Sean Penn had with Guzmán, in which it was revealed the rights he had granted the Mexican actress.

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Rolling Stone’s exclusive interview was Sean Penn’s betrayal of Kate Del Castillo, who was not told he was going to date.

Mexican media indicated that Del Castillo had connections to the character and that he had gained fame in televised TV series, and said that he felt persecuted to protect himself, he preferred to remain in the United States.

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Kate Del Castillo admitted that she thought the worst would happen when she met The Dealer and even more so when they were alone; However, he has admitted that he was the most respectful and chivalrous when he could have done whatever he wanted.

Kate recalled that she had told Mr. Guzmán that the proceeds of his life movie would go to the people affected by his profession, which he accepted and guaranteed that is why he chose the famous person to give him the right to his life.

The Ex Daron Diaz She also admitted that she felt betrayed by Sean Penn, with whom she agreed to move beyond the friendship.

As this was revealed, Guzmán joined Kate del Castillo after sending her a message on social media. The movie and television star made sure that what he wrote was a whirlwind and that he had no intention of reaching out to the famous, most wanted character in the world.

It seems that Mr. Guzmán will not be released and now his wife is involved in that battle, which was recently captured in the United States.

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There are those who assert that the beautiful business woman negotiated her handover and not only that, but that she could become a protected witness.

During her husband’s lawsuit, in an interview, Emma indicated that she had a legal business related to agriculture that supported her lifestyle and that of her daughters and that she did not need any alleged work from her partner; The United States appears to be thinking otherwise and will re-investigate this story.

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