In the middle of the T-MEC, Canada withdrew a $619.2 million investment from Tamaulipas Grupo Milenio

Upon the end of the first two years of implementing the new trade agreement between countries north america (TMEC)companies operating in the energy sector in Canada They decided to withdraw from Tamaulipas on $619.2 million In recent months, especially in the third quarter of 2022, despite the agreements concluded between the aforementioned country with Mexico And United State To increase the region's economy.

And in the data he provided The Ministry of Economy Federal, designated transportation companies natural gas Through Pipelines, announced a reduction in this amount, which contrasts with the performance of its other peer, the… American FederationWhich has spent more than one billion dollars since July 1, 2021 until now.

this way, A Canadian private initiative Accumulated in nearly two decades $194.2 million Foreign direct investment in the entity through various mining companies. This reduction occurred in the latter part of the previous state administration headed by Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.

In the above-mentioned field it refers to transportation, mail and storage, in energy management through pipelines where natural gasused by the industrial sector, and parts in The aforementioned period: $623.8 millionAlthough at the end of 2022 they decided to exercise $31.5 million.

With the new agreement between three countries that works to improve Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)which was implemented in 1994, gives more profits to manufacturing companies mainly located in the border strip. United StateMost of this capital from the aforementioned country reached more than one billion dollars. This reinforces it with the largest foreign currency contribution in this area from 2006 until the first quarter of 2023, at just over $9,843.5 million.

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Nationwide, from January to March, companies expanded or launched new projects worth $229 million.

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