Impressive: A video clip shows how a shark perilously approaches multiple people on a Florida beach and goes unnoticed

The video is impressive and gives goosebumps just by watching it. appears for a big shark Swimming near and unnoticed by many people in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The photos, which spread on social networks, were taken by Blake Ross, a man who was recording with a drone on that Florida beach.

According to Ross’s account of Storyful, he noticed the presence of the shark, which he estimated was there two metersClose to the port of Daytona Beach, within minutes of filming starting.

A shark gets dangerously close to several people on a Florida beach and nobody notices

Ross was visiting town for a family reunion, according to the site. Newsweek.

The video shows a shark swimming close to it Several people swimming in calm water near the beach. “I was swimming along the wave break,” Ross said.

Ross followed the animal by drone for about 15 minutes as it circled around several groups of people, seemingly unaware of its presence.

“Every time I swam straight, then, A few meters away, she changed direction and turned aroundRoss said. “People didn’t realize the shark was there. They generally looked at the drone and waved, Without knowing that the shark was swimming next to them“.

“I would say that if you are swimming in the ocean and a drone approaches you, and you look at the water around you and not at the drone, you are not special, Maybe the drone is filming something elseRoss said.

Daytona Beach located in the province of VolusiaIt has been dubbed the “Shark Attack Capital of the World”.

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In the past month, two people on that county’s beaches were affected by shark attacks, including a woman who was bitten in the leg at Daytona Beach.

According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), an entity associated with the University of Florida, this state is where the More shark attacks on humans occur, Although experts agree that these are generally extremely rare.

In 2021 there was 28 cases in Florida, Which is 38% of the total that occurred that year worldwide, a period that saw a total of 73 unprovoked attacks, of which nine were fatal and 39 were provocative.

Meanwhile, Volusia has recorded a relatively high number of unprovoked shark attacks: confirmed 337 of 1882, According to the International Security Assistance Force. Between 2012 and 2021, the county recorded 94 shark bites, an average of more than nine per year, None of them are fatal.

The odds of killing a shark is 1 in 3.7 million, according to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). In fact, you are more likely to die if you are struck by lightning.

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