This map shows you the best places to enjoy the Perseids 2022 meteor shower


Discover the best places to see the 2022 Perseids thanks to this interactive light map.

As you already know, a barrage of shooting stars Perseids 2022 Between July 17 and August 24, 2022. Specifically, calls “Tears of San Lorenzo” It is the most popular due to the intensity of its enjoyment from the ground, and it will be during The nights of August 11, 12 and 13 When it can be seen better.

There are many people who decide to go to watch the shooting stars, either alone or in company. However, he made wishes It will not be an easy task in many places due to light pollution. This phenomenon makes it very difficult to see the stars, which is the main reason why cities are not a good place to enjoy the Perseid Islands in 2022. Thanks to this interactive mapYou will be able to know the best places in the world where you can enjoy “Tears of San Lorenzo” near your city.

Discover the best place to enjoy Perseids 2022 with this interesting interactive map

As mentioned, finding the best place to watch this year’s meteor showers may not be an easy task due to light pollution. It is clear that In big cities, it will always be difficult to enjoy Perseids 2022 Because of this pollution, the upper layer always prevents a good view of the sky and, accordingly, the falling stars.

Discover the best places in Spain to enjoy the Perseids 2022 thanks to the interactive map light pollution map

for the same reason , projects like It can be very useful Let’s know where to put ourselves when looking up at the sky, which is perfect for August’s “Tears of San Lorenzo” or any other type of event that takes place above the sky. It is located around a interactive light map It allows you to visualize places around the world where light pollution is highest and lowest.

If you pay attention, light pollution map It follows a fairly simple color code. While Places marked in yellow, red and white are the worst To see the rain of falling stars because it is the most light pollution place, if you are in any of them The site is green You will not have a lot of problems, and even less if you choose any of the sites in blue.

The best thing you can do to enjoy the Perseids to the fullest is Go somewhere far from civilization, if possible, without buildings, trees, or any other obstacle To be able to see most of the so-called “Tears of San Lorenzo” in their greatest splendor. Many areas can be great for that.

light pollution map

light pollution map It can help you check out the best places to watch the 2022 Perseids

on the respective map You can consult any city with all its details. Countries such as Spain have data for the vast majority of locations, including Ceuta and Melilla, although on some continents such as Africa it is true that the data is incomplete. If any place is specified in greydoesn’t mean it’s better to enjoy Perseids, but it does mean that there isn’t enough data available to show information on light pollution.

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