If you can solve this labyrinth, you will confirm that you have an extraordinary intelligence.

Pay attention to this optical illusion and try to solve the maze in 20 seconds.

Pay attention to this optical illusion and try to solve the maze in 20 seconds.

The amazing optical illusion was posted on TikTok which was also presented as a challenge. In the section you can see a labyrinth Tiktoker Shawn Shen Viewers are asked to try to solve the challenge in less than 20 seconds. A rather complicated challenge but only those with great intelligence manage to do it.

“How far can you take this car through the maze to the tree?”He said to the creator of the optical illusion. The key to solving the challenge is, believe it or not, to start at the end and work backwards. And it is that the maze has quite a few dead ends and the solution appears in one of the messiest parts of the graph.


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Quite a few viewers commented on the TikTok video that they were able to solve the maze very easily, which shows their remarkable and extraordinary intelligence. If you can find a solution to this challenge in a given time, share the optical illusion and challenge your contacts.

What is an optical illusion?

It is an image that deceives the visual system, from the eye to the brain, and leads it to perceive reality in a distorted way. They can occur naturally or be created by specific visual effects. We also point out that a non-existent object is perceived, which gives a distorted picture of reality.

What is the origin of optical illusions?

the Optical illusions They occur when the eye cannot clearly see certain images as they are presented in more than one way, while the brain is only able to take in one image at a time. Thus, confusion is created.

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Why are these images produced?

They occur when several shapes are presented in one image and our brain conflicts. The senses filter information from the outside so that it is subsequently processed and modified in the brain. We do not yet fully understand the process by which the brain combines all the information from perceptions of color, shape, motion, and texture to generate a coherent interpretation.

But we know that the brain does not have enough capacity to deal with all the information that we receive through sight, so the mind is forced to take a shortcut, choosing the explanation that seems most logical to it, and that is why our eyes can deceive us.

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