The UK will invest €170m in 5G, 6G and satellite internet

as part of a file Wireless infrastructure strategyGovernment United kingdom Plans to customize approx 150 million pounds sterling (about 170 million euros) to expand 5G coverage, research on 6G and satellite connectivity.

This Tuesday, the Department of Science, Innovation, and Technology published the new document outlining communication goals for 2030, with a goal Building the “industries, jobs, skills and services of the future”.

The strategy thinks about the exchange 100 million pounds sterling l 6G for research and development. The goal is to make the country a leader in the future of telecommunications, Enhance your competitive position At the international level and ensuring the well-being of individuals and companies.

The UK seeks to “shape the global debate around the vision and standards that will support 6G.” The international race to develop 6G has already begunAnd we have a great opportunity to form this sixth generation of wireless connectivity,” the document states.

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In addition to investment, the government plans to forge alliances with other institutions and countries to expand its influence and work with the most relevant standardization bodies to cooperate in creating technical standards. It is also planned for design A roadmap for timely 6G adoption.

Secondly, it will use the British government 40 million in funds To create 5G innovation zones across the region, in order to promote the adoption of this technology in both the public and private sectors. A working group will be created to encourage institutions and companies to invest in and use the new networks; For example, in schools or hospitals.

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One of the main purposes of this investment is to support the regions and local authorities Build 5G cases for 5G adoption independentlywith a focus on improving their productivity, infrastructure and quality of public services and launching an ecosystem of activities related to digital transformation.

On the other hand, the strategy indicates that they will spend £8 million to expand satellite connectivity in more than 35,000 rural communities or further away from the UK, where it is more complex to implement fixed broadband coverage or other types of technology.

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Through these actions, the government suggests that it will be able to adequately address future challenges in the field of wireless communication, and unlock the economic and social benefits of the next decade. Although the UK It already has some plans and roadmaps in terms of connectivity and digitizationThis strategy considers that additional measures are needed.

Some of the tools already in place are Gigabit projectwhich expects investments for 5 billion in broadband deployment high speed for at least 85 percent of the population by 2023; Similarly, the Joint Rural Networkwhose business has billions in funding to bring 4G to 95 percent of the country by 2025.

Michelle DonnellanThe Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology stressed that “widespread adoption of 5G technology can generate £159 billion in productive benefits by 2035.”

“Today we aspire to something higher with our ambition Provide independent national 5G coverage for all populated areas by 2030, ensuring that we can bring all its benefits to villages and rural communities beyond cities and towns. “

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