Ibai Llanos has shared his serious health problem: He plans to leave Twitch in 2023

ebay januswho is perhaps the most famous Spanish-speaking adventurer, confirmed this week that he plans to Leaves Twitter in 2023 He shared his fans with the serious health problem he has been suffering from for years.

The announcement shocked the streaming platform community and alarmed its followers and co-workers: Ibai loses his sight.

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“I have had a problem with my eyes for years and I lost my vision on the left side and I can’t see anything,” the Catalan said. After consulting with experts and undergoing various eye tests, this was confirmed Exacerbation of the disease he carries and can also affect his right eye.

It is feared that Ebay’s vision problem is worse than imagined and an MRI should be done to study the extent of the disease and rule out neurological problems.

On the other hand, the stress and pressure of being a public figure and a reference for millions could have affected the health of the 27-year-old.

For these reasons, the broadcaster has several career changes in mind. In principle, according to eBay itself, the plan is to change platforms, leaving his 12 million followers on Twitch and Go to YouTube.

Although Ibai has yet to set a pass date, perhaps just a platform change to take advantage of the better economic conditions YouTube offers, the truth is that the player’s deteriorating health worries his community.

Records that eBay broke with a sophomore evening

  • Peak 3.3 million simultaneous viewers during broadcast Soiree’s second year A boxing event where the main battle faced the Spaniards”TurquoiseMelida Cambra vs the Argentine MomoGeronimo “Momo” BenavidesAnd the A 31-year-old streamer from La Plata.
  • Nearly 9 million unique viewers Users who have entered at some point in the submission.
  • During the event, he added 70,000 subscribers and reached 12,000,000 followers.
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How much does Ibai earn on Twitch

In 2021, the live broadcaster was reviewing some data from his channel and In an oversight, he missed the details: On the screen shows the dollar amount that subscribers and donations have collected.

It was the accumulated profit of the creator that can be seen $145,800 (124807 euros) per month. But that number was in part because Ibai also has a special contract with Twitch. Although the amount is high, Janos explained, “Now you earn less than before.”

At the time, Ibai had just over 7 million followers. Currently owns double and It is not known how much the Catalan collected in 2022.

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