I spent a month trying to help a stray dog ​​whose head was stuck in a bowl

Goodnight’s trapping techniques and patience allowed “Jughead”, now “Buck”, to regain his freedom. (Terry, good night)

Terry good night He picked up dozens of stray dogs and took them to local foster homes and rescues, but when he found out… HardIt was the first time he’d seen something similar: He was wandering the streets of Montgomery County, Texas, with a large plastic jug stuck to his head. No one could approach him to help him.

“I felt bad for him,” she said. Good afternoon45, is a volunteer dog catcher and has two dogs of her own, as well as two adopted ones.

The woman who named the dog HardI first learned of the unusual situation through a Facebook post. It was learned that the dog found himself in this situation when he was searching for food and stumbled upon an automatic cat feeder on the porch of someone’s house. As he ate voraciously, his head remained inside.

for several days, dog He was walking through the streets with the container, which from some angles looked like a jug of water, on his head. The people of the area tried to help him, but he was afraid and would run away whenever anyone approached. Fortunately, the cat bowl had a hole in the side, allowing the dog to breathe.

when Good afternoon He has been warned Hard On October 26, he knew he had to help. “I am an animal lover, especially dogs,” said the woman, who devotes her days and nights to hunting them.

Every time I saw HardHe was with another dog whom the rescuer called network. The dogs were in the Porter community, about 30 minutes from where she lives Willis. Good afternoon He planned to catch them.

“He was so afraid of everything,” Goodnight said of Jughead the first day he saw them. “I could only see from one side of the container.” He realized that he was able to eat food though the container, using the side opening to collect the food. “He was so hungry that he had to figure out how to eat with the container, and he did,” he said. Good afternoon.

Capturing Jughead proved to be Goodnight’s most difficult case, as she used hot food to lure him out and a thermal scope to monitor the trap in the dark. (Terry, good night)

He explains that the hunting process can be difficult, especially with dogs that do not trust people. He usually places a live trap — a large cage that surrounds incoming animals — in an area close to the target dog. Fill it with hamburger, chicken, or bacon to attract the animal.

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Good afternoon He often camps out in his car for hours waiting for the puppies to arrive. Stay within sight of the trap so you can monitor it and use the remote trigger to close it when animals get into it.

According to the woman, Jughead’s arrest was her toughest case yet. In 30 days, he made 25 trips to arrest him. He refused to give up. On each outing, he filled the trap with hot food, which he prepared with a stove to create a stronger scent.

While some stray dogs They don’t hesitate to walk into the trap, and the others – including Jughead – seem terrified. On several occasions, Reid fell into the trap, however Good afternoon He decided that if he caught only him and not Jughead, Jughead would be more vulnerable. Little by little, she makes Jughead feel more comfortable with the trap, and leaves food nearby.

“There were three different days where I was there for 24 hours straight. The rest of the days I was there for more than 10 hours,” he explained, adding that he has a thermal visor that allows him to see in the dark. “I was there all night.”

“I wanted to make sure he was out there trying to catch HardHe added. The dog with a plastic container on its head was such an unusual sight that well-meaning neighbors got involved and tried to catch the dog themselves, causing Jughead to flee.

He explained, “He would go out and run away, and would not appear again until two or three days later.” Good afternoon. “It’s hard to make people understand that what they’re doing isn’t helping.”

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Despite the setbacks, Good afternoon I was determined to save Hard And networkHe learned from a neighborhood resident that she had apparently been missing since July. Once he takes on a case, he says, “I’m 100 percent committed to helping that dog on the street, no matter how long it takes.”

She knew that if she didn’t catch… Hard, in particular, would be in danger. “He was vulnerable to being attacked by other dogs,” Goodnight said. “He wouldn’t even be able to defend himself. Even though I could eat and drink, I wasn’t safe.”

After a month of almost daily attempts to arrest him Hard And network, Good afternoon He received it on November 24, which happened to be his birthday. Finally, Jughead felt comfortable enough with the trap to step into it.

“I got down on my knees and started crying,” he says. Good afternoon. “I literally cried for 10 minutes; I was just crying.”

Named Buck and Archie, the two dogs are now waiting to be adopted and find a forever home off the streets. (Terry, good night)

Once Hard She was safely in the cage, Goodnight called another hunter to help her remove the container. They used pincers to gain leverage. “His face was really swollen,” Goodnight said.

However, the dog seemed grateful to be freed from the container. “He didn’t feel afraid or terrified,” Goodnight said, noting that the dog was friendly and let her pet him. “You could tell he was relieved.”

Red looked happy too. He added: “He realized that the container was empty and started licking his dog friend and wagging his tail.” Good afternoonWho took the two dogs to a foster home, an agreement he was pleased with East Texas Huff and Paw Animal Rescue.

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“It’s a big help for dogs that don’t trust people,” he says. Alison Krumbolz, founder of the rescue organization. “It’s a lot of work.”

It is believed that Hard – which has been renamed as dollar-He is a few years old and probably a Mastiff or Boxer mix. Red – now Archie – is believed to be the same age as his partner and may be a mix Australian pastor And Border collie. Both dogs are in the same foster home, and once they are spayed and approved by the vet, they can be adopted.

“They open up and become affectionate and want attention,” Krumbolz said. Good afternoon He has caught two other dogs since his rescue dollar And ArchieIt has no plans to slow down rescue efforts.

“It’s very gratifying to know that there is one less animal living on the street,” he said.

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