How to work remotely in a way that is healthy for your well-being

With the advent of the Coronavirus, the option of remote work has become available

Be part of our daily routine, finding a new way to face our working lives without having to set foot in the office. Initially, this is a dream for many, but if not managed properly and healthily, it can become your worst nightmare in the long run.

Like everything in life, this situation has its advantages and disadvantages, and writing a series of tricks can make the whole process easier

Way more useful. Learn how to manage time, space, and work relationships to increase productivity and personal well-being.

The keys to good remote work

Space organization: This is the key. Try to make it as similar as possible to an office setting, where you have a good table and desk chair that will allow you to feel comfortable during your workday. If you can, place it in a place in the house where it gets natural light and, above all, avoid the sofa and bed.

Create a routine: As if you were leaving the house. That is, get up, shower, and get dressed, like on a day when you have to go to work outside. This will make your brain not think that you are at home, but in a real office. During the day, it is also recommended to take breaks and do some active stretching exercises.

Task planning and communication: Working remotely does not mean isolation from the outside world. Stay in touch with your coworkers, whether through a call or a chat app, so you can organize teamwork and distribute each person's tasks.

Get physical activity: This is essential whether you work remotely or not, but especially if you do. Sports are a way to escape for a while from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and it also leaves you feeling good in your body. You can do this during a break, or before and after the day.

Don't settle: Sometimes, the reality of staying at home all day, if we don't manage it properly, can play tricks on us. The feeling of loneliness or the fact of getting used to it and going out less can be a very harmful consequence of remote work.

Reduce device usage: Being glued to the computer all day, it is recommended that you limit the use of screens after work. Especially before bed, as this may make the quality of your rest significantly worse.

Healthy food: Do not be one of those who spend their time ordering food or those who eat anything because they do not cook. Moreover, spending some time in the kitchen can be very beneficial. It allows you to stand for a period of time, which is always recommended, and allows you to take your eyes off the computer. Have some music on while you do this, and you'll see how much you enjoy that disconnected moment.

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