How to run Android apps on Windows 11: These are the requirements

Android apps on Windows 11. (Photo: Andro4all)

One of the surprises Windows 11 When it was announced will allow Applications From Android It will be executed directly on The operating system From Microsoft.

Yes manzana Allows you to use applications iOS at MacWhy not combine Windows and Android? This happened with Windows 10 and Linux. This convenient combination brings many benefits to users. to start, You can have more than 1000 android apps. Currently, Windows 11 offers these apps through Amazon Appstore.

Initially, to use Android apps on Windows 11, you had to join the Windows Insider Program. And there are only about 50 apps for Android. With this Microsoft program anyone can join, There is a possibility to install beta versions of Windows to try out new features before they reach the final updates that anyone can access. Anyone can install it on files the computer.

With the latest updates, Windows 11 already includes the Windows subsystem for Android. This means that Anyone can install Android apps on Windows 11. Of course, Through the Amazon Appstore, not from google apps. But what are the conditions for doing so?

Minimum requirements to be able to install Android apps on Windows 11

In principle, to use Android apps on Windows 11, you must have a computer with Windows 11 installed, but You have to remember that this is the default.

In other words, to run Android apps, A virtual machine platform is required, Which requires a good running team. Therefore, the PC must meet the following requirements:

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– Healer: Intel Core i3 Gen 8, AMD Ryzen 3000, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c (or better)

Supported buildings: x64 or ARM64

– RAM: Between 8 GB (minimum) and 16 GB (recommended)

– storage: Solid State Drive (SSD)

Android apps on a Windows 11 laptop. (Photo: TEC)
Android apps on a Windows 11 laptop. (Photo: TEC)

On the other hand, It is recommended to enable virtualization in Windows 11. This feature allows you to use Linux and Android in parallel with Windows. To enable this option, you must follow these steps:

1. Go to setting.

2. Enter a section Applications.

3. Press additional functions.

4. Finally click More Windows features.

5. There is a mark on the option Hyper-V If it is not already specified.

6. You must also select the option virtual machine platform (virtual machine platform). In any case, a new window for installing the necessary components will open.

Safe Mode in Windows 11 (Photo: SpanishNewsNow)
Safe Mode in Windows 11 (Photo: SpanishNewsNow)

The above is about hardware. In principle, if your computer can run Windows 11 smoothly, you will have no problem opening Android apps.

Well, for softwareAnd the You must have updated to the latest version of Windows 11. This e-mail Install Amazon Appstore, Available in the Microsoft Store.

If there are problems installing the Amazon Appstore, Try changing your Windows 11 installation to English to put United State as a site. In fact, support at the moment is limited to this country. In the future, all countries where Amazon and Microsoft operate will have access to the Android App Store locally and without making this configuration change.

Last but not least, the Amazon Appstore has games and apps for every taste. In this list of 1000 apps, users will surely find what they are looking for Thus you can expand the range of applications that already include the Microsoft Store.

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